Our Educational Visit To The Roman Villa!

On Wednesday 18th of May 2016, we went to the Roman Villa. I didn’t think it would be all that fun, but it was!

Firstly,I had to get this wax picture of a Roman Solder,put a piece of paper over it, and rub a crayon over it to get a picture on the paper. This nice lady called Edna, gave us run-through of what happened.She explained that the government wanted to use the area of remains of the Roman Villa to make a car park! They said they would give the archaeologists twelve days to uncover all the artefacts and then they would make a car park over it. After there time was up and they saw what was there they decided to move the car park to somewhere else! everyone was super happy.

We had to put all the tiles of a mosaic together. It was very frustrating because it kept breaking but I did it. Mine made a pattern of crosses.

The Iron Man The Space Bat Angel Dragon

The worlds army have declared war on a Space Dragon currently on top(yes you heard me) on top of Australia, hungry, and refusing to move it gives us seven days to prepare its first meal or else it will lick life off planet Earth! But the Iron Man has a plan…

A few men help to rip apart the Iron Man because he is way to big to ship to Australia. He also orders 1,000 gallons of petrol, fuel, and much more to go to Australia for his plan. When he is put back together (in Australia) he says to the Dragon, “Sit up” he  said “And face me like a Man”(or space Bat Angel Dragon thing) The Dragon laughs.  ” If I win you are my slave, “set me a fire on the floor.” Said the Iron Man so they did, there was a fire and the Iron Man lay on it. He burned for a good twelve minutes and all that time the Dragon watched the Iron Man burn in pain. After twelve minutes the flames died down. “Your turn.” He said to the Dragon and  he replied, “You will never find a fire as big for me, for I am as large as Australia its self, my eyes as big as Switzerland, And my stomach as big as Germany. So I guess because I am so big I’ve won and you are my slave! Now fetch me some water!” The Iron Man frowned as he shook his head, he pointed to the sun. So the Dragon flew up to the sun and lay down on it. It caused him great pain but he did not know what the Iron Man would do to him if he becomes his slave!? So he went on burning, wishing he never landed on Earth! After eleven minutes and fifty nine point nine seconds he came down. “Hm Man said “you did come down zero point zero one seconds early but its okay, now its me again” said the Iron Man

He went down to the fire once again and burned for one thousand seconds =one hundred and sixty six point six hundred and sixty seven minutes = two point seven hundred and seventy eight hours =(well you get the idea) than the Iron Mans great iron ear started to melt. Than the fire died down. Then he pointed to the sun and then the Dragon said “Stop! Enough is enough! I cant take it anymore! No more burning.” “Oh but we must keep going till you for fit. I could go for another burn, could you?” The Iron Man asked “No, I couldn’t! I quit” then the Iron Man said well then, I’ve won.” “Yes you have I am now your slave!” He said. Than the Iron said “You are the Earths slave and you must fly around the world singing and bringing peace everywhere! And just out of interest, why did you want to eat us?” “I was joking! You all looked like you were having an awesome time down here so I got excited and wanted to join in, bot, I think I got a little too excited!”

And so it was the Dragon flew around the world every night bringing peace to the universe!






The Great Fire of London 2016 style

The great fire started after a concert in Trafalgar Square, when a couple of teenagers were smoking after the concert. One of the teenagers called Madeline put it in the bin when she was told to put it in the ash tray so it doesn’t set fire to the bin. But what did she do? She deliberately put it in the bin to set it to fire!

Because it was a bin, it obviously caught on fire so another teenager called Zoe decided to blow on it to put it out, but, everyone knows if you blow on a fire the flames will get bigger so it got bigger. People with little kids or small children, who were very scared and alarmed, decided to call the fire brigade. The fire brigade said they’d be  there within minutes but because the fire engine was broken they had to use one of the fireman’s cars. It only took them 30 minutes but they were there! They were not very good at helping because the best fireman had to leave because he had asthma attack and the hose from the fire engine was broken so everyone decided to go home and leave it.

But it spread to the London Eye killing almost everyone in it but a family escaped!

“It was quite scary, how I watched all those people die because someone thought it was funny to start a fire and i am just really glad to be alive! We had to jump out of the ball and whats worse is I cant swim and i am afraid of heights!”


Cudugon Hall School Trip

On Monday 14th March 2016 we went to Cudugon hall for a trip. We had to sing all these boring songs but I liked most of them. My favourite one was Mr. Peyps  is busy writing while the city of London sleeps, if you want the facts or gossip read the diary of Samuel Peyps. And so on and so forth.

The funniest song was dig,dig,dig in the garden bury the wine and the cheese and the gold we must save our belongings safe in the ground till the fire grows cold safe in the ground till the fire grows cold.

The Magicians Nephew The Magic Ring!!!

If I found a magic ring I would use it to go to Hollywood(again) and go to see Little Mix in a concert!!! And,to go to a Chinese all you can eat buffet. And a whole desert  factory that makes   any desert like cheese cake, ice cream, sweets, chocolate and much more!!!

I would also use it to get a palace with one hundred rooms, one thousand butlers,  two thousand  maids,some pets witch would be a tiger,two owls,three pandas,five dolphins,seven kittens,a chihuahua,a jaguar,four snakes,six baboons,eight swans and a polar bear.

And to watch all the monster high movies including, Boo York Boo York, Scaris City of Frights,Freaky Fusion,Ghouls Rule,Great Scarier Reef,Haunted,13 Wishes, and the game Monster High.