Year 2 home learning

Year 2 Home Learning

We have been drawing teddy bears in school with pencil, chalk pastel and have even made them with clay!Can you find a teddy bear or another toy of your choosing at home and do one of the following –

  • Draw it
  • Describe it
  • Talk about it and how it is the same/different to a teddy bear

Or all of the above!

Don’t forget to log on to bug club and read at home!


Ms Green, Ms Mooney and Ms Holder

Year 2 home learning – Autumn 2 Week 1

As an extension of last weeks home learning, can you make your own toy or game to share with the class as we will use them next week as part of our topic learning and for our memorable event in the toy museum!

If you did complete the home learning, could you write a set of instructions to inform the class of how to play your game.


Miss Green, Ms Mooney and Ms Holder

Crisp packets galore!

Last week in assembly, we watched a video all about Walkers crisp packets.​

They released a statement explaining that their crisp packets are not biodegradable and they would not be able to produce a recyclable crisp packet until 2025!

Like many others around the country, we decided to do something about it! Together, with all of your support, we collected over 150 empty crisp packets and sent them back to Walkers!

This week there has been an update…

From December, crisp fans will be able to post used bags – in envelopes, for free – directly to a recycling company. They will be turned into plastic benches, watering cans and plant pots by recycling firm TerraCycle.

A great result after the work of not only our community, but the whole country!

Miss Green