Creeping and crawling into the new term!

Year 1 had a very exciting visit today from Andy the Bug man to start our new topic, Eggs – let’s get cracking!

We got to meet lots of different creepy crawlies and we learnt so much about them all!

We met reptiles, molluscs, arachnids and insects and learnt about their life cycles. We even got to touch and hold some of them!








































We are so excited to learn more about different creatures that lay eggs, check back soon to see what we get up to!


Miss Green

A sweet treat

This week at Besson Street Gardens, Year 1 sampled lots of different types of honey.

Over the past few weeks we have been learning all about Bees and finally got to taste some of the honey we have talked about!

We tried honey from Sainsbury’s, Spain and Besson Street itself and then we took a vote to see which was our favourite!

Do you like honey? What kind of honey is your favourite?

Miss Green and Miss Burns

Busy Bees

In 1G we have been learning about bees at Besson Street Gardens!

We have learnt all about their different body parts, how the collect nectar and pollen to make honey.

This week we learnt how worker bees communicate with each other.

They perform a waggle dance to show the direction and distance of a collection of pollen!

We made our own bee masks then went outside and tried the waggle dance for ourselves! It was so fun.








Check back in soon soon to see what else we get up to at Besson Street Gardens!

Miss Green