Year 6   Home Learning 15.2.19

Due: Monday 4.3.19

Following on from the learning in class about the life cycles of living things, your task is to investigate and present the life cycles of 2 different organisms.

  1. You should choose one animal (e.g. a mammal, insect, reptile or fish) and one plant (e.g. that grows on the land or in the sea or river).

Present your work neatly, with clear explanations, drawings or printed pictures of your chosen animal and plant, and with diagrams you have drawn to support your explanation.

  1. Find out what these terms mean and give your own explanations of how they do or do not link to the life cycles of your chosen organisms:
  • genes
  • DNA
  • inherit (inheritance)
  • survival

Year 6 Home Learning 17.1.19

Due in on Monday 28th January 2019.

To follow on from our introductions to habitats and adaptation, your Home Learning over the next 2 weeks is to choose one of the following tasks:-

  1. Select one of the different types of habitat we have started to learn about and research it in detail. This could be either a land or water habitat. Include information about some of the plants and animals that can be found there.
  2. Choose an animal and research how the species has evolved over time, adapting to survive in its habitat. Include information about predators, feeding, appearance, etc.

You should include pictures (photos or drawings) and writing.  Think carefully about what you have learnt about the different types of explanation texts in your English lessons, ensuring that you are providing information for your reader in an engaging way.

The format in which you choose to present your research is your choice.  It could be:

  • a book
  • a leaflet
  • a large scale poster
  • a painting with fact boxes surrounding the artwork
  • a 3D model with written information to accompany it
  • a PowerPoint presentation

We will be displaying your research in our classrooms and in shared areas around the school, so please make sure this is your best work.  Enjoy!