Year Six Home Learning, due Tuesday 30th October.

How has Ancient Greece influenced our lives today?

Following on from your last home learning task, your task over the next 2 weeks is to research how the Ancient Greek civilisation has influenced our lives today.  You could find out about:-

  • Maths
  • Sport
  • Food
  • Writing
  • Fashion
  • Games
  • Medicine
  • Homes
  • Or anything else you are interested in!

You should research at least four different areas, and you can present your findings in any way you choose.

Which of these ancient civilisations had most influence on our lives today? Explain why.

Didn’t we have a lovely day…. the day we went to Whitstable!

Bright sunshine and lots for Year 2 to see at the seaside town of Whitstable, famous for its oysters! As the coach drove through the town we notices lots of differences and similarities with New Cross and Horton Kirby, such as a supermarket, wide roads, lots of traffic, houses that were close together. At the harbour, we expected to see the boats but were surprised to see the all the industry. Luckily, a kind stall-holder in the market explained how to open and clean an oyster. Some of us were tempted to try eating one, but we held back!

After that, we heard how the Lifeboats help to save lives.

Then we walked on through the harbour and found a pile of discarded shells, mostly oyster, but others too, including crab. As we looked out to sea, we noticed wind turbines and other interesting sights.

Finally we found our spot on the beach and settled down for lunch. Despite one of the coaches breaking down, a fabulous day for us all!