“Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?” Year 5’s visit to see Romeo and Juliet

On Thursday afternoon, Year 5 went to The Albany theatre to watch a production of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. With the theatre to ourselves, we sat barely metres away from the action. We were introduced to the “war zone” of Verona and brought into the world of the play as ‘Capulets’ and ‘Montagues’ sitting either side of the stage. After the play, the children were able to ask all their burning questions both to the characters and then to the actors. We had a fantastic afternoon!

Year 5’s Memorable Event: Lego City

To kick start their topic ‘Designing for Life’, Year 5 were lucky enough to take part in a Lego workshop in which they designed and built a lego city.

Beginning with modest houses (and ending with grand hotels!), the children worked in groups to make the various elements of the city that they needed. They created circuits with bulbs to light their buildings as well as motors; the city even had its own working railway!

The children learned a huge amount, worked brilliantly in their groups and had lots of fun at the same time.

Wick Court day 4 ….Happy Birthday to You (two!)

We woke up to a beautiful bright day today. The mist hung in the air and the sunrise gave the sky a lovely orange glow… a nice change from the grey drizzle of the past few days.

For those of us hiking (ambling) over the fields to Oldbury Dairy Farm, the mud slightly got the better of us (cue 10 minutes of trying to wrench wellies out and ending up almost face-first in it..) but we had a great time feeding calves and watching the cows be milked by ‘The Robot’.

The rest of us kept the animals at Wick Court fed and watered and then gathered to sing Happy Birthday for those celebrating birthdays today and tomorrow.

Our last full day was rounded off with an array of exciting activities, from bread making to birdwatching, ending with fantastic storytelling and hot apple juice in the Wick Court round house.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Wick Court Farm Fun

Day 3 at Wick Court Farm and we’ve JUST about managed to get enough internet signal to send a few pictures back from our little corner of Gloucestershire to you all at home…

And we’re away!

The journey went smoothly and soon we were passing through idyllic villages and hearing excited squeals at each new sighting of farmyard animals…

Our home for the week …  The grand farmhouse at Wick Court

Suited, booted and ready to work 

Year 5 Holiday Homelearning

Next term, our topic is ‘Designing for Life’. Over the holidays, we would like you to choose one invention that you think is brilliant and find out some information about it:

  1. Who invented it?
  2. What was the purpose of the invention?
  3. Who was it intended to be used by?
  4. What impact did it have on people’s lives?
  5. Has it been improved since the original design? How?
  6. How do you think it could be further improved?

You should present your findings in an engaging and informative way on the poster sheet provided and hand it in on Wednesday of the first week back (9th January)

Have a wonderful break!

Ms Jones and Mr Diamond