recount of 5f’s educational visit

Recently in year 5 we visited an ancient  Roman villa in  Crofton Road, Orpington BR6 8AF in the London Borough of Bromley. To get there we had to travel through train and walk on are way there we took two trains and we walked for a couple of minutes ,after all the transport we sat down to have lunch and rest are legs a bit.Firstly a lady named Edna came to us and  showed us the ancient ruins that where left of the old villa giving us many explanations of the objects ,describing how old they where and where they came from, the most fascinating thing for me was tessera, tessera is tiles made out clay that where placed on the floor, as well as this I also loved learning about the hypocaust the hypocaust is a central heating system that the Romans used back before we had electricity .secondly we got two activities that the sociolinguists prepared for us the first one was making Roman murals with coding the and the second one was that we got to draw Roman gladiators and soldiers with gold and silver crayons ,later on Edna sat down with us and talked to us about Roman clothing and food, one of the most important thing that really stood out to me was the amount of money that they paied for brighter colour silk and darker colour silk, in Roman times they told us that brown was the cheapest colour silk around and purple was the riches colour which sounded very odd to me, after that we decided to leave and head back to school using the same transport. 

The nice people quest

In year 5 we are deciding to create a new game to improve are manners towards friends, as we have recently been experiencing friendship difficulties allowing anger to take over are body’s and words, therefor we created this game to help us be more kinder and friendly with classmates, the purpose of this game is that you get a random name of a person in your class and your challenge is to be nice to theme and compliment them for the whole week but your not aloud to let them notice that you got there name. I think this game is going to have a huge impact on are class and I am hoping many other classes will try this out.


5F asembly

Wednesday 20th of april year five Mr Fosters class participated in the edmund waller primary school assembly, we talked about are maths learning the iron man and are letters to Daved Cameron, about how he should of encouraged and help are city’s that where obliterated by the Iron man, this was non fiction not reality don’t worry.we also had a chance to show off are acting therefor we mad a couple short films about being an reporter, through out the assembly they where put on display in are school presentation. During the filming I had a lot of fun because we were able to use cool props for example I had fake glasses, a blazer and a posh mug. the experience was extraordinary and I had an amazing time.

wild boy review

Wild boy is an extraordinary book it includes thriller,drama and suspense. My favourite character is Sir Oswald, Wild boy and him have crated a huge bond during the amount of time they have to be together, I was very interested when wild boy and finch got into a fight as it includes a lot of drama on one page, Finch is the typical bad guy as he enjoys getting drunk at night and fighting people although he is not the nieces character he still brings alto of interesting content therefore he has quite an important role in the book.

scratch maze games

In the making of are scratch games I was truly surprised with the final product , it was an amazing experience therefor I am hoping we will have another opportunity to make these wonderful games , as well as this I now no way more about programming ,to be honest it wasn’t easy at the start but in the middle of the making them it slowly got easier and more interesting ,my favourite part of making them was designing the maze and sprite ,we got to pick all sorts of colours and design any thing we wanted .