older time in Piccadilly circus

First of all from the picture it seems that this part of the city was built in the ancient time . Piccadilly circus was near to the Leicester square. For a very long time  it seems like there were a lot of ancient, rusty old cars . It can be appreciated that there are few people around the area  from the picture .  It looks like there was a lot of memorials of pictures such as inspired artist and musicians. There were two roundabouts near to each other to facilitate the flow of horses and cars.

piccadilly now piccadilly then

The Romans by Ismail

in 5f we have been learning about ancient Rome I think it is really interesting because it tells me everything that happened a long time ago like the great fire of Rome most people believe that it was the emperor who started it who was emperor Nero because he wanted to get rid of the senator and he didn’t want any rules and he wanted chaos all around the land and he will think that there gods will want make him the greatest emperor that Rome has had for generations or he would want to rebuild Rome

Our favourite things this term has been the memorial experience and Hugo Cabret by Ismail and John 5F

John say: ” The reason why I enjoyed ¬†the memorial experience because we got to show to our parents all we have done in this term. It was nice to see the parents impressed with our work . It made me feel proud and made me want to continue with my learning and working very hard.”

Ismail says: “The reason why i enjoyed reading and watching ¬†Hugo Cabret ¬†is because it made me feel emotional ¬†and really understand how it would feel to be him.”







The Astronomers Dream

In 5F we are learning about the Astronomers ¬†Dream. It was made by Georges Melies. it was about this man who was trying to go to the moon but then the Satan arrives and he try to tell him to get out of his laboratory and come with him otherwise he will be cursed. He doesn’t listen to him, but then a lady comes and makes the Satan disappear and the wizard who is Georges ¬†Melies. She takes him to the balcony when she does the moon comes towards him and then it eats his telescope and all his life work. Suddenly two children fall down from the moon’s mouth Georges Melies throws them back in the moon’s mouth. ¬†Georges Melies sees a spirit in a form of a lady but then she goes ¬†back in the air. Georges Melies begs for her to come back but then ¬†Georges ¬†Melies ends up in being in the moon’s mouth the moon vomits everything including Georges Melies ¬†skeleton. The lady appears and then she throws everything in the moon’s mouth including Georges Melies.

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hugo cabret

in 5f we are reading a book called Hugo cabaret it is about this boy called hugo who father died in a fire. his father was an inventor he created an automaton which is a mechanical man . there is also this girl named isabella who godfather is Georges Melisa who was a flim maker . in english we are also learning about the astronermers dream by gergos melias who is isabella godfather. the mechanical man who was destroyed in the fire hugo tried to fix it by getting  a lot of spare broken toys to fix the mecanical man. Georges melias in hugo cabret is sick isabella was saying to hugo what if my godfather dies hugo was trying to tell her that gergos Melisa  is not going to die but i think that isabella is going to think way differently to what hugo cabret said there also another person in hugo cabret i cant rember what his name was but i rember one thing about him he  weared an eye patch at first he had a job that was in the thereter  but he got kicked out for senaking children in the threter but he got another job by being a cameraman his Favorite book was all about gergos melias in think. i think that gergos  melias made a lot of movies for children and adults.THIS STORY WILL BE CONTUINED.