100 words challenge, half term homework

I proudly watched the Roman elite infantry as they fearlessly row closer. The manor-less cheers of the Celts barley damaging the infinite morale of the Romans. There was a massive gasp from the Celts as they realized they had an unfazed army happily getting in range. Despite the fact that the Celts were shocked, they quickly charged down to attack the Romans by surprise. On the other hand, the Romans were well prepared to throw their javelins. They laughed in the background as they butchered their enemies. We finally conquered the Britannia.
By Jacopo



In 5f we have been learning about a short film called the atronomers dream.This film was created by a man called GEORGE MELIES.It is a very strange film that you really wont get it straight away ,you will have to watch it a thew times.This film is also in a fantasy book called HUGO CABRET.IT is a very long book but it might just about be worth it depending on your style.there is a chance that you wont like it.This film is based on a astronomer that dreams of going to space and one day he goes to a tower and a moon that has a face and starts saying i want some food so the astro gives him everything he has , after that the moon feels bad a children come out of his mouth.The astro throws the kids back in the mouth of the moon.Enough of that let ma tell you about the book.This book is based on a kid that lives with his dad but then his dad dies so he goes to live with with his uncle.Then he disapears .Hugo has to live in the streat on the train station with over kids.THIS STORY IS TO BE CONTINUED

future cities

When my friends whent to a trip to a farm for a week i was here learning about future cities .I really enjoyed it because now i know all about what there planing to make.IT is really intresting,there are so many things that know i cant wait till the next ten years.IF you want to you can go on your computer and find out this epic thing.IT will be one of the funest and coolest learning that you will ever learn.I wont promise that but i garentey you that you will like it.


Leroy Sane is a very good player that started of really badly then he became really good.  He is from Germany and plays for Man City.  He is really young at the age of 19.  He is really fast.  The football players that he plays with in Man City are Nolito, Silva, Aguero and many others.  Man City I a really good team that so far they are wining. You can’t fail to notice that I support this team.