Lego city/town by Jason and Lyon

In year 5 we made Lego Cities /Towns we also had to make circuits to make the city light up.  We were made up in group’s of 7 and the people who worked there taught us how to light up are houses and to make flats by sticking are houses together we also got train tracks and made the trains move to make sure the Lego people could travel.  We had been given two cars to put on the train track because.

Hugo Cabret

Hugo Cabret was a boy who stall things for a living and food to survive. His dad had past away and he was living by himself in a clock and he was making a machine and always going to the same place because loads of stuff there was wind up so he was stilling stuff from that sirten place.Hugo would work in the clocks and change them when they need to be changed.When he went down to the shop where he stills things from he would go to still more things that are wind ups for his machine so he could wind it up. He would need a special key to wind it up with.