Year 4 Science – Lung Capacity

This week Year 4 have been learning about the respiratory system. In this experiment, we were measuring our lung capacity by blowing air into a water bottle that had been submerged under water.

Once we had emptied our lungs, we measured the amount of water that had been displaced by the air we blew into the bottle using jugs and subtracted that amount from the capacity of the bottle. This gave us our lung capacity!

Year 4 Memorable Event – A Tudor Banquet

Today Year 4 capped off an amazing term of learning about the Tudors with an incredible Tudor feast! There was dancing, theatre and evening a delicious swan!

Thank you too all the parents and carers who were able to attend and contributed to the banquet. The children had a wonderful time sharing everything they had learned throughout the term.

Delicious! Even the feathers were edible!
Eyes on the prize

Year 4 home learning, so far…

Here are some examples of some of the incredible home learning that Year 4 children have completed so far this term. As you can see, the children have worked very hard to produce their absolute best work and have taken great joy in creating them. Some of the tasks range from models of Tudor buildings, calligraphy, paintings and illustrations of famous Tudors, a Shakespearean play and even some Tudor maths!  Just a reminder to parents that this terms home learning is pasted inside the children’s home learning books and they are required to do one project per week until the end of term.