On Thursday the 23 of march 2017 , 5F had started taking about stranger danger . You should never speak to strangers or collect any thing from a stranger because you do not know them or any sort of thing because it is very dangerous .

A list of things you should do when a stranger comes to you :

  • when they give you a food or drink or any object , do not take it and say NO
  • if they tell you to come with them say NO and find the busiest place or a shop or go back to your parents or siblings
  • if a stranger says come into my car don’t go in because you don’t know were they are taking you , but also remember , if they tell you a white lye ¬†like ”your mum said i should take you home because she sick. do not go with them it might not be true , even if its your neighbour , do not take that chance of being in Danger.



the Astronomers dream and a trip to the moon

           The Astronomers   dream  and  A trip to the moon

                     THE ASTRONOMERS DREAM 

 The Astronomers dream was made by a french men called Georges Méliès who                         made a this  film , well to be exact , the first ever film in France in 1898. This is a short silent film by Georges  Méliès     The Astronomers Dream (1898) Georges Méliès РYouTube



¬† A trip to the moon ¬†is also a film by Georges¬†M√©li√®s¬† made in 1902 which is also silent film . This is ¬†another film that was one of the first films France .A Trip to the Moon / Le Voyage dans la lune – Full Movie (1902 … ¬†

Internet Safety Assemble

On February the 7th 2017 , MR fosters class code club and others made an assemble on child safety on the internet because it was internet safety day . In the assemble we made a roll play based on a girl called Sam who is posting pictures of family members schoolmates an others on the internet making fun of them and once she had been having to much fun it caused so much attention on ahead to her future on day, a stranger came talking to Sam and her friends . What we were trying to say to everyone was that , having to much fun one the computer can cause to a lot of danger. When chatting to friends on the computer you should always watch out for any strangers just incase they ask you personal questions like what your address, lets meet up ,and things like what is your gender, some times it can get very personal as they go deep in to the conversation. If a stranger try to talk to you and ask you personal question , you should shut your computer down as soon as possible .


Peace Walk

On February 1st, for RE,the whole of year 5 were been taught by a Vicar from Saint Katharine church called Sheredon. She taught us about how Christians fill peace is in there life’s and how peace makes us fill , also pilgrimages to places that she has went to and were normally were Christians go to pilgrimage. After that , she gave us some stones so we could hold it as we walked silently for 15 minutes . We walked all the way to St Katherine church . When we arrived at the church we had to stack our stones together called Cairn .
I found it very educational and i thought it was very good for our religious education (RE).

writing a new blurb for Lily Alone

After my mum left ¬†I find it kind of scary. ¬†I have to look after Bliss , Baxter and most importantly Pixie.I made a rule to make shore that they don’t ¬†go to school just in case they give it away. ¬†Now I can’t do anything, the bills need to be paid, I can’t even do the rent so now we have to live in the park. ¬†There’s hardly any food or anything.