2L’s Visit To The Horniman Museum

Today, 2L went on a fantastic Educational Visit to the Horniman Museum as part of our Toys And Games Topic. We would like to say a big thank you to the parents and carers who came with us on our Visit – they helped make it a fabulous day.

First, we had nearly an hour to look around the museum, so we went to see the Natural History section. We saw many animals and fossils, including a tiger, a giant walrus, many types of birds and even a ‘merman,’ which had been made from the tail of a fish and the torso of a monkey!

Next, we had a wonderful Puppet Workshop. We learned about lots of different types puppets from all over the world. We saw Indian string puppets, stick or rod puppets, Victorian hand puppets and shadow puppets from Bali.

Finally, we had a Toys And Games workshop where we played with and discussed toys from different countries, including Zimbabwe. Here are the photos:

2L’s e-safety Rules

In class, we have been looking at e-safety and have designed our own sets of rules to keep us safe on the internet. The rules the children have created include:

  • make sure you have all your accounts set to Private, never Public
  • if a window pops up saying we could win a prize, we do not click anything, we step away from the computer and go to tell an adult
  • we don’t use social media unless we are with an adult
  • we make sure we are playing games which are age – appropriate
  • we never use our real name, real address or school name
  • we never agree to meet up with anyone we met online
  • if we see a picture we find upsetting, we tell an adult straight away
  • if we didn’t tell an adult straight away, we tell them as soon as we remember, even if it’s later that evening. They won’t be cross, they will be impressed that we did the grown up thing and told them what had happened
  • if anything pops up that we don’t recognise, we do not press it. We step away from the computer and tell an adult, just in case.


2L’s Fire Station Visit

2L had an exciting day when we went on a local visit to New Cross Fire Station, as part of our Great Fire Of London Topic. The fire fighters were very kind and let us try on their helmets, climb inside the fire engine and squirt water from the special fire hose. A fire fighter came down the pole for us to see and they even let us have a laugh at Miss Lepere when she tried on a full fire safety suit!

2L’s 1665 Houses


P1040591 P1040588

Last week, 2L planned, built, decorated and evaluated our very own ‘Great Fire Of London’ houses.  Thank you for all the lovely boxes, we had a fantastic time completing our projects.

P1040586 P1040573 P1040577 P1040578 P1040583 P1040584 P1040567 P1040566 P1040565 P1040561 P1040560 P1040559


First, we studied houses from the period and familiarised ourselves with what shapes and colours we would need and what the houses would have been made from.

We then sketched and labelled a plan in our topic books, before working in groups to decide who’s plan would be the best to use, given the shapes and sizes of the boxes we had. We built our houses using boxes, tubes, glue and masking tape, before covering them in white sugar paper. Colour mixing was very important because we needed to create the colour of straw for the thatched roofs and dark brown for the wooden beams and even candle lit windows in some of the houses.

P1040555 26 P1040546 P1040547 P1040548 P1040551 P1040553 P1040554 24 23 22 20 19 18 17 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

1666 Houses
1666 Houses

9 8 7 6 4 3 2P1040602P1040603P1040601P1040600P1040599P1040598P1040597P1040588P1040591P1040592P1040593P1040594P1040595P1040596

After we had finished, we took the time to reflect on our houses and wrote up an evaluation. The finished houses tended to look fairly different from our plan because we had used team work to change and adapt our designs. We are very proud of the finished products and look forward to showing you when we see you for Parent Drop in, next Thursday!