Roman Topic

In school, we have been learning all about the Romans, including Pompeii and the fire of Rome.

Since the whole school is working on times-tables, we were told to write a story using our target times-tables. I chose to write about eight run-away Roman slaves, so that it would relate to our topic. The slaves meet eight refugees that lost their homes to the eruption, before stumbling across eight soldiers. Basically, the main structure is  the eight times- tables. Writing the story, I found it really interesting learning all about  the Romans, though difficult linking it to the eight times tables.

Designing For Life

Our highlight of our topic, Designing for Life, was the LEGO workshop. We were visited by Derek Speed on Monday, who brought with him boxes and boxes of LEGO. He explained to us that we would be split into groups. Together, we would need to build a small village including: an area of water, roads, cluster of houses, a few taller houses, a train track and a bridge. Once a house had finished being built, Derek reminded us how wire a simple circuit, complete with a switch,and instructed us to put a circuit in each house so that once  the city had finished being built, it looked like it had proper lights.

Maya and Ivy