When The Circus Came To Town

Last week we were lucky enough to be visited by Matt the circus performer from Bloom’s Circus. This really did make the children go Gosh and Wow as he demonstrated how to juggle scarves, balance on a tightrope, use a Diablo, spin plates and much, much more.

It was then the children’s turn to show off their circus skills.

Our memorable event will take place on Wednesday 22nd May 2:30-3:30.

World Book Day Speakers

This week we were lucky enough to be visited by the author and illustrator Alexis Deacon (Beegu, Croc and Bird, I Am Henry Finch and many more). He read us several of his books and talked through his process of writing. Later we were treated to a more intimate Early Year’s session where we learned more about Beegu and how to draw some of Mr Deacon’s characters.

The children were very enthusiastic and asked some fantastic questions.

On Thursday we are looking forward to meeting and learning from poet Valerie Bloom (Hot Like Fire, Let Me Touch The Sky, Surprising Joy).

Please remember to exchange your World Book Day vouchers at participating retailers for either a free book or £1 off any book.

Making Vegetable Soup

We are learning how to be healthy heroes and to find out more about where our food comes from we decided to make vegetable soup. Everyday the children have been walking up to Nunhead Greengrocers and selecting ingredients they think would make our soup taste great.

Once we had all our ingredients it was time to prepare our vegetables. The children peeled, sliced and chopped everything themselves. Once the soup was finished it was time to taste our hard work. It was really delicious!

Superhero Drama Workshop

Last week the children were lucky enough to be visited by the Drama4All workshop. We started by warming up and finding out about the Big Bopper (a super villain who was partying too much and using up a lot of electricity) In order to stop him the children learned how to be a superhero and infiltrated his party lair. Finally they managed to make the Big Bopper realise the importance of Reusing, Reducing and Recycling.

Here are some photos of them at work.

Sending stories to Yum Yum and Petal

Our alien friends crash landed on a distant planet a few weeks ago when they were on the way to the Planetarium. To try and help them the children have been finding space facts and researching our Solar System. Having become experts the children discovered that our aliens had crashed on to Venus.

Yum Yum and Petal were getting bored being stuck on Venus so the children thought it would be a good idea to send them some books to read. Having worked hard creating our stories and information books we had another problem…

How could we get the stories to the aliens?!

Luckily the Reception teachers had a special space balloon and a shrinking machine. Once all the books had been shrunk, so they didn’t weigh down our balloon, it was time for launch.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Lift off!

The balloon arrived on Venus safely and the  aliens were very happy with their new books.

The children are now investigating how they can rescue the aliens.