Stories of Happiness

Volume II: Mister Spoon


There is a man in Scotland who was born with a birth defect, Cochlearimorbusotosis, which resulted in him having a spoon for a nose. During his youth, he was ridiculed for his disease by everybody in his community. He was bullied as a child, and even his parents used him to their advantage. They would always ask him to do things for them with his spoon nose. It also made things difficult to eat yogurt or soup, as well.


One day, the man (whose name was Jeremy) went to a diseases anonymous group, where he met a lot of people with birth defects just like his. He met a woman with grass for eyebrows, a young man with vacuum cleaners for hands and a beautiful lady who was deaf because she had bricks for ears. It was love at first sight. Jeremy thought that nobody would ever love him, but she was perfect for him. They then got married and lived together forever. They both still got bullied, but they were happy.


The End


Today I am going to show you guys how to make really cool DIY projects to make when you’re bored…

  • The first thing I will be showing you how to make is a jewellery holder. All you need to make this DIY is a lot of lolly pop sticks and you can use paint if you want but this step is optional, and if you do want to paint the jewellery holder I would do it before putting it together. First you will need to stick 3 lolly pop sticks together in a triangular shape, (it will be easier to use a hot glue gun) then do this step once more. After the glue has dried (which shouldn’t take long) you need to stick 3 to 6 lolly pop sticks on one side of the triangle that you made earlier depending on how much space you want between the sticks. And you are finished!!
  • The second project I will be showing you how to make is also a jewellery holder but a very different type. This jewellery holder is made from a twig that you can either find from your garden/park or if you want it to look really neat, you can buy it from a craft store fore not that much money. And some spray paint to paint the twig (this step is optional) and either a plant pot or some wood for the base. And you need to do after you have gathered your materials is either paint or don’t paint your twig and then attach it to your base. You can then hang necklaces, bracelets, watches and many more on the other little twigs that are attached to the big one.

jewellrey holder #1 jewellery holder #2


Reading Newsletter

At Edmund Waller, we are passionate about the children developing a lifelong love of reading.  Children who enjoy reading are happier, healthier; they are more empathetic, do better academically and do better in life generally.  In school, teachers read to their classes every day.  You will find the books they are currently enjoying displayed on classroom doors.  In the fifth edition of our bi-annual Reading Newsletter, children from every year group talk about the power of reading with someone at home.

On the reverse of the Reading Newsletter, you will find: Why Read Aloud? a powerful infographic summarising the benefits of reading aloud.  It is one of the practical resources created by the Read Aloud 15 Minutes National Campaign

At Edmund Waller, we strongly agree with their message about reading: “Every child. Every  parent. Every day”, encouraging 15 minutes of daily    reading aloud.  

Download (PDF, 1.04MB)




The Bring and Buy Sale


On Friday we had a WILD Bring and Buy Sale at Edmund Waller School, to raise money for the famine in East Africa.  It was so popular, the weather was lovely and the classes provided so much to sell!




There were toys, books and we are pretty sure we saw a keyboard, some paintings and a model boat. There was one table for each year group and they were all run by our School Councillors (the teachers, teaching assistants and some of our classmates helped us).  They were set up so everyone could see everything and nothing was left behind.  Customers chose a fair price to pay for each item.  We collected so much money we are sure the Red Cross people will be happy with our donation!






Remember if you did not buy anything on the day, you can always go on the internet with your parents and donate your own money to help buy starving children food to eat.

Today we counted the money we raised from the Bring and Buy Sale. It took a long time!



was a bit like the pile on our table.  There was also £160 worth of notes! Over all we raised £373.19 and it was all because of the wonderful children and parents in our school.  Well done Edmund Waller!

By School Councillors Abdul and Aasta

My Name Is Jasmine

Dear diary,                                                                                                              I saw that Jessica got into my diary and I have appointed a guard… my pet ladybird Dave!  Yazzy loves it but mum thinks I’m being silly Yaz wants to say something


Yah Dave the… ladyguard? No, sounds he’s a girl umm… guardbird, but he’s not a bird. Anyway Dave is an excellent guard, he once guarded my pencil for me and no one stole it


Yeah, but you chew your pencil…


Shush. Look, you’re making Dave sad. :(


Sorry Dave, you’re an excellent guard… oh we’ve got to go now, bye Dave

Jasmine out                


Stories of Happiness

Volume I: The Prince and the Old Woman


In Italy 400 years ago, there lived a Prince Ferdinand. He lived in a large palace with his 19 brothers. Because he was the oldest, he was next in line to be king. One day, his father, King Alberto, decided that it was time for Ferdinand to get a wife. For the next 3 weeks, maidens from all throughout Italy came to prove why they would make a good wife to him. Unfortunately, Ferdinand didn’t like any of them. One day, an old woman entered the palace. She told Ferdinand that he wouldn’t find his ideal wife, but they would find him. Ferdinand thanked the old lady and asked the king to stop the search. For the next few days, Prince Ferdinand lived a normal life, certain that the old woman was right. One day, when he was out shopping in the market, he met a beautiful young woman buying fruit. The prince fell in love with her immediately. Her name was Isabella, and she was a poor young woman. Ferdinand decided that she was the correct woman to be his wife. He bought a wedding ring and the next time he saw her in the market, he proposed to her. She accepted the proposal straight away and they lived happily ever after.

The End.