Hello again people, its meee! If you have not read my last post, click here. Have you done that? Good. Now, today I will be explaining everything about my school. I go to Underwood Prep School, which is in Orlando, close to my house. It is all right as schools go, but there are some really boring teachers and some really mean bullies in it as well. I have asked some people to write things about me. Mind you, I have NO IDEA what these people are going to write, so be careful.

Mr Yukores (German teacher):

Toby is a very naughty, um, I mean enthusiastic child. German may not be his strong point, but I am glad to see that he is keeping an online ‘blog’. Honestly, where do these kids learn their tech know-how?

Jake (brother):

Toby is so stupid; always stealing my stuff! And, he’s 4 years younger than me! Then, he plays my Xbox games ALL the time, even though they are not for his age. In fact, why am I writing in my stupid brother’s stupid online diary thing anyway?! I hate him, so DON’T READ HIS BLOG!!! You have been warned.

Whoa, that’s harsh. Don’t listen to Jake just because he is 17. Keep on reading my posts, guys! Well, that’s it for now, but join me next time where I will… what should I do? Leave comments about what I should do next! =)


In japan there is a lot of fashion but today I’m going to talk about the KIMONO the kimono is a long dress like gown. The gown is worn by male and female but depending on the gender the kimono is a different shape and size. The girl’s kimono has lots of different patterns but mostly flowers, plants and interesting shapes once you put the gown on they will rap a strip of silk material around their waste. The flowers are often cherry blossoms as the cherry blossom is Japans national flower.


The art in Japan is amazing there is a type of paper that you fold to make different things like…shapes animals plants and many more. The paper can be different colours OR different patterns all the patterns are very pretty and will look great with pretty much any combination .


If you would like to learn about Japanese food and how to make Japanese food then update to next times block…ENJOY!

The Awesome Life of Lucy Brown

Hi my name is Lucy and this is my boring life. WELCOME TO MY BORING LIFE! I also have my arch nemesis sister, Amy, always tries to view my “secret” diary. By the way if there’s any writing in BLACK, then it’s my sister. School’s been terrible since that bully, Natasha, is still there. She always picks on the little children. Or if it’s RED then Natasha must have written in my diary. Red You are just silly so there is no point of trying to hide this diary because I have FOUND IT! Yeah Lucy! Anyway, let’s move away from this LOSER Natasha. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! That chatty Lucy.

Today was the most worst day EVER:

  • Natasha was bullying me by shouting at me in the face.
  • I got sent to the head teacher, Mr Brown, just because I didn’t answer 1 question from the practice test we were doing.
  • My sister ate all the Digestive chocolate biscuits (my favourite type of biscuit).
  • Don’t complain if you get sent to the head teacher for no reason.


These are the tips from me when you go to Los Angeles High School:

  • Don’t try and make friends that quickly.
  • Try to keep your head down.
  • Don’t try and argue with the teachers and head teacher.



Heeelllloooo there lovely people. If you judge by the name of this blog, let me just tell you that I am NOT big-headed. At all. I just want to tell you about meeee! First off, I am Toby Hightrack and I am 13 years old =) I go to Underwood prep school which is in America!!!=o I have one brother and I live with him and my mum. Let me tell you about them.



Likes cleaning and game shows

Fave colour: ###

Dislikes dark chocolate

Jake (my bro)

Likes gaming and comics (#stereotypical)

Fave colour: ###


My dad died when I was 4. So sad, I know. But, I have an epic life anyways. [RANDOM FACT ALERT] I have a lazy parrot called Jeff, a gross dog called Mrs Kranky and a fat hamster called Slicky Joe.

Join me next time when I explain school, with exclusive interviews with friends, & ENEMIES!!!