Code: welcome to the new world!

For my eCadet application I have chosen to blog about code.

There are lots of different sites and systems to use to code eg: Scratch, Python, Kodu and things you can code on eg: Kano, Computer, Rasberry pi. But to actually code is a whole different thing, Sure anyone can go on Scratch and put some blocks together to make a game. But not everyone can write commands using numbers and letters to create a complex way of doing something.

Last year I went to a Hackathon, where lots of coders came together and worked all night to see who could create the newest, most efficient way of reading a magazine. One of the winners made it so you can read a magazine on your watch.

My Hackathon 2014 t-shirt
My Hackathon 2014 t-shirt

Coding is also brilliant because it is always open to everyone, most ways you can just find online. There are also lots of clubs for coding set up all around the country, not just in school. Coding is what makes it possible to create computer software, apps, websites you name it, and they are all made with code even this blog it is all made with code.

This is one of my first, simple scratch games
Picture above: my first simple game on Scratch

The forever-loved game Minecraft has very complicated code as many games do but in Minecraft you create a world…

Picture above: minecraft code
Picture above: minecraft code

The newest way of creating a world is virtual reality, in virtual reality you are living in it. It is more than just 3d.

This clip is about how to code a virtual room.

Technically the new world is already here, only you can code the future.