100 Word Challenge

I remember¬† when the city only had¬† the civilians living there, none came to our city like they do now. instead of the¬†flashy screens there were just¬†posters on the buildings . there was a rounder bout that cars came speeding around, not like today every one has to be so careful that you don’t hit any tourists. The¬†roads were all filed with oil and the lampposts flickered at night only just lighting up the area unlike today, the¬†roads get cleaned at night the lampposts light up the¬†whole city. .

piccadilly now piccadilly then

The Twits

I am reading this book called the Twits. It is about theses two people called the Twits, that are bother married and hates children. Mr twit has this beard that he never cleaned in his life, Mr twit was always looked disgusting. On the over hand Mrs when she was little she was beautiful but when some one has is dirty minded they start to look disgusting. Later on in the story the monkeys they have get there payback on Mr and Mrs Twit.

Wick Court farm day 1

On  the 16/1/17 year 5 went onto a over night visit to Wick Court farm. The coach came for us at 10, finely it was time to have lunch at 12:00 we got  back onto the coach at 12:31. We arrived at the farm at 2:00, we got a drink and a snack then we did a fire drill. We had to do the fire drill 2 times because  people was talking, the frist group did some farm work first. Then we had showers and talked in are beds.  

Going to the River Thames!

On Friday 9th of December, 5F went to the River Thames.  At first we had to wait until the tide went out.   We went into this room and we had to do a quiz about the River Thames and about the water cycle.

Finally, we got to go onto the beach  (which is actually called the foreshore). We had to go slowly down the steps but once we got down them we found lots and lots of artifacts.