My recount about the Crofton Roman Villa

Crofton Villa(inside)
Crofton Villa(inside)

In class we have been learning about the Romans,so we went to a trip to the Crofton Villa in Orpington.Firstly,we had to walk to Nunhead Station to go on two trains to go to the Crofton Villa.Secondly when we came inside the building we ate our lunch for 15 minutes. Afterwards,we got told all about this Villa by one of the people in this Villa,about what it was made of,wars,valuables and traditions.Then,we did some activity’s like making a mosaic pattern out of tessera,wearing Roman costumes and drawing Roman valuables.Finally we had to leave the Villa,catch two trains and return to the Edmund Waller Primary School.

Scratch Maze Games

In Year 5 we have been making our own computer games, using Scratch, as part of our Inventors topic.  First, we played Pac-Man for ideas and decomposed the game, which means breaking it down into small sections, to understand the different techniques used in the game.  Next, we made a background stage and a sprite for our own version.  After, we created the code for our sprite to make it move and so it can’t go through the walls of our maze.  To make sure that it worked we had to test the game and debug it by making changes if it didn’t work the way we wanted it to.  Finally, we made new sprites for the character to eat and get points.

This week we are evaluating our games as a year group, for our memorable event, and you can see them all by visiting this link.