2MH visit Shoreham, Kent!

Today, 2MH went to Shoreham, Kent to compare the countryside to the city.  Children walked around the village with clipboards writing about what they could see and hear.  They found many differences between Shoreham, Kent and New Cross.  They drew one of they houses in Shoreham and they noticed that in London the houses are much closer together.  The flats are high and narrow, whereas in Shoreham they are wide and low!  They found Shoreham much quieter with fewer cars and people.  We finished by doing a traffic count for ten minutes.  In New Cross, we counted over 60 cars in 10 minutes but in Shoreham, we only counted 6.

Children were brilliant today.  They were focused on their learning and there was a lot of walking Рthey marched like little troopers.  Well done, 2MH!

2MH walk around New Cross

Today, 2MH walked around New Cross making observations about city life!¬† We looked at the houses and streets, writing down what we saw and what we liked and didn’t like.¬† After we had looked at the buildings of London from Telegraph Hill Park, we stood on the pavement of Queen’s Road and counted the traffic.¬† We will use this information to plot a bar chart.

Orchestra, Choir and Steel Pans perform at Deptford Green School

This evening, Orchestra, Choir and Steel Pans performed with secondary school students at Deptford Green School! After a day-long rehearsal, the children gave a fantastic, high energy performance. As well as seeing many Deptford Green soloists, the Year 4 Steel Pans performed ‘Imagine’ and ‘Three Little Birds’, the Orchestra performed ‚ÄėJupiter‚Äô, the Choir performed ‚ÄėMoana‚Äô, and then, at the end, the Orchestra and the Choir performed together ‚Äď a resounding rendition of ‚ÄėFix You‚Äô. The children were absolutely brilliant today, giving all the energy they had to their performances. Well done Orchestra, Choir and Steel Pans!

2MH bakes bread!

Download (PDF, 291KB)

Today, 2MH baked bread using the recipe attached to this post.  The children worked together in groups to mix 500g flour, 300ml water, yeast, salt and oil.  After kneading and leaving the dough for 10 minutes twice so the bread had time to rise, the children left it for 30 minutes so that it had time to prove.  They then made their own special shape out of the dough.  After that they left it for another 30 minutes before it went in the oven.

In Science, we are learning about materials.  As the ingredients can never go back to the way they were before they were cooked, bread dough makes an irreversible change when heated.

At the end of the day we ate the bread and it was absolutely delicious.  Mrs Castle thought it looked as good as if it had bought it from a shop!  2MH worked hard to write about what they did and they all worked well as a team today.  Well done, 2MH!

Year 2’s memorable event – The Great Fire of London!

Year 2’s topic this term is the¬†Great Fire of London.¬†¬†Today, children created a street from 1666 using Tudor¬†houses¬†they¬†had built out of card.¬† Firefighters from New Cross Fire Station¬†set fire to the cardboard¬†houses and then put them¬†out.¬† The fire spread very quickly and all of the houses burned down.¬† The scene was just like the Great¬†Fire of London!¬† Children have worked really hard on this topic.¬† Well done, Year 2!