Year 1’s Paleontologists visit the Natural History Museum

Our first topic in Year 1 is called ‘Dinosaurs’.  We got this off to a roaring start with a visit to the Natural History Museum!  We found out lots of information about dinosaurs and fossils, and then we had a go at being palaeontologists.

We explored the Dinosaur Gallery.
What dinosaur is this? How do you know? What did it eat? Why does it have horns?
What can you find out about dinosaurs from these footprints?

What did you find out in the Dinosaur Gallery?

Sophie the Stegosaurus
Paleontologists at work!
What can we find out about Sophie from her skull?
How many spikes did Sophie have? What did she use them for?

We found out the answers to lots of questions about Dinosaurs, and we are looking forward to learning more during our topic.

Thank you to all the adults who joined us, and helped make our day a success!

We love adventures!

Our new topic began with an adventure right here in our very own school playground! Someone had left a map in our classroom, so we decided to follow the map to see if we could find treasure.  Along the way we met different animals who asked us questions that were a little tricky to answer.  At the end we found the treasure chest, but unfortunately Evil Pea had tricked us! He had taken the treasure, and we will only get it back if we return with the correct answers to all the questions.


Our Visit from Blooming Circus!

Our new topic ‘Gosh and Wow’ began with a visit from an amazing circus performer named Jebb, who thrilled us with his fantastic tricks and skills!

Take a look at some of the photos from his show:

After the show he taught us some of his skills.

We will be practising our circus skills over the next few weeks ready for our very own circus performance at the end of our topic.  We look forward to seeing our parents and carers in the audience!

The Grand Opening of Reception’s Minibeast Hotel!

This half-term we have been learning all about the things that share our home – Mother Earth.  We have been finding out lots of facts about minibeasts, including where they live and what they eat.  We decided to build our own minibeast hotel.  We thought about the materials we would need, and then worked together to build each layer of the hotel.  We hope our hotel will help to keep the minibeasts at Edmund Waller warm and safe!

Take a look at some photos from our Grand Opening:

What materials did we use? Which minibeasts do you think would like to live in our hotel? What minibeast facts do you know?



Thank you to all the parents and carers for donating fantastic materials and coming along to our Grand Opening!


Looking Up, Looking Down – Our Christmas Performance!

This half-term our topic has been ‘Up Above and Down Below’.  We have been reading stories and learning about things that we see up in the sky and under the sea.  Our Christmas show told the story of all the learning we have been doing.


Some children had lost their friends, and so decided to look ‘up above’ and ‘down below’ for them.
They looked up and spotted some astronauts blasting into space, but they could not see their friends.
The astronauts made friends with some aliens.
The children could see all the planets of the solar system.
Next, the children looked down and spotted sharks, clown fish and jellyfish swimming below the surface of the ocean. However, they still couldn’t see their friends.
After that, the children spotted someone stuck in a chimney!






It was Santa!
Then, they saw some children acting out the Nativity story.
Finally, the children spotted a present. What could be inside? What a surprise – the children had finally found their friends!
The fabulous cast of our show!