Wick Court Farm. year5

We got to the farm on a coach that took about 4 hours long. We learnt the basic rules of the farm and then we went up stairs to our bedrooms. I was in the room called “solar” with Antony, Adair , Jason, Jude, Louie , Andrew, Joseph and Leon. We had the fire drill which we had to practise 2 times (better than Hollbeach when they came, they had to do it three times!). After that we were split into groups, I was in Ms Castles group. Supper was eaten by us in the lunch hall down stairs. We went to bed at 9:00pm and woke at 7:00am. In the mornings we would go outside to work on the farm and then have breakfast. One group would take turns to clean up the tables and the seats (benches) and then the floor.

What we did!

Some times we would have to clean up the kitchen or “parlour” (sitting room) but most days we would go and do work on the farm. In the morn we (our group) went and saw the calves and fed them.  Then we saw the cows in their shed. We saw the milking machine and the cows being milked. We even got to see the machine up close and the cow farmer told us how it worked and how he used it (and controlled it) the cow milking machine lured the cows in by giving them food (food they really loved). The cows had other food though they had pickled and fermented grass/straw. We had to put this straw/grass closer to the cows.

By Tom 5f



Painting our selfish portraits

In Class we have been painting our self-portraits with powder paints it was fun .

A self- portraits is a portrait of your self.


First we had to draw our self-portraits in chalk than we mixed are powder panted and when we made are skin cougar we panted it onto are page after that we panted the hear coluar than are neck colar than we finished.