100 Word Challenge

This week, in English, we are comparing life in Ancient Rome and Ancient Britain as we investigate the Roman conquest of Britain in AD43.  For this week’s 100 Word Challenge, use these 2 images to write a comparison between the two settings…are you a Roman coming to Britain or a Celt arriving in Ancient Rome?  What are the main differences that jump out at you?  How do these differences make you feel?

Celtic Village Life Roman City Life

Add your 100 words as a comment to this post, rather than beginning a new post.

The most imaginative post will be selected by the class to represent the class in Achievement Assembly.

Half Term Homework

I Stared down across the shore in fury as dozens of boat hoarded through the rippling, rocky marine. I looked to my friend next to me Afon whispering,” Hey, lets ambush them.” He nodded,” Ok,” So we carefully but swiftly climbed down the ragged, craggy mountain as we gazed on the shore. They had reached our land. They all looked very peculiar especially the one who stood tall, he had leaves and flowers around his head. All us Celts attacked ferociously aiming for the same person… Julius Cesar…!

roman invasion