100 word challenge! by Lyon

In the street there were people lying down every where slowly dying some trying to sleep but still quickly shivering. As I walked down the cobbled pavement I could feel bits of glass digging into my shoe. My feet were killing me but I had to go to get some food or me and my family would starve. We have a small house made of brick in Rome and our emperor is called Emperor Augustus but he’s out all the time conquering different countries with the army. He only comes when it’s a gladiator fight because he decides their fate.

roman invasion

100 Word Challenge

I remember¬† when the city only had¬† the civilians living there, none came to our city like they do now. instead of the¬†flashy screens there were just¬†posters on the buildings . there was a rounder bout that cars came speeding around, not like today every one has to be so careful that you don’t hit any tourists. The¬†roads were all filed with oil and the lampposts flickered at night only just lighting up the area unlike today, the¬†roads get cleaned at night the lampposts light up the¬†whole city. .

piccadilly now piccadilly then

older time in Piccadilly circus

First of all from the picture it seems that this part of the city was built in the ancient time . Piccadilly circus was near to the Leicester square. For a very long time  it seems like there were a lot of ancient, rusty old cars . It can be appreciated that there are few people around the area  from the picture .  It looks like there was a lot of memorials of pictures such as inspired artist and musicians. There were two roundabouts near to each other to facilitate the flow of horses and cars.

piccadilly now piccadilly then