Our Educational Visit to The centre for Wildlife Gardening

We began our topic ‘Mother Earth’ with a visit to the Centre for Wildlife Gardening in Peckham.

Sylvia welcomed us to the centre and asked us what living                                                  things we had seen .P1010390P1010391P1010392

We had to find lots of things in the garden from a list Sylvia gave usP1010393P1010394P1010395P1010396P1010397P1010398P1010399P1010400     Then we went looking for minibeasts in the pond and in the ground.

P1010409P1010412P1010414P1010406We had great fun looking for all the creatures .

Our Memorable Event for Heroes and Villains

All dressed up in our amazing costumes.P1010355Spiderman sent us a message asking us to get all the powers back for the Super Heroes . Here we are all going into the rocket ready to blast up to the moon  to get them back.
P1010362P1010360P1010361P1010357P1010356                                                Sitting inside the rocket.
P1010363                                                     Ready for take off.


                            We passed around the rock to bring back the powers.P1010369                 P1010364P1010365P1010373

Spider man paid us a visit to thank us for

getting all the powers back to the Super Heroes.

He gave us badges for saving the day !