Our Educational Visit to The centre for Wildlife Gardening

We began our topic ‘Mother Earth’ with a visit to the Centre for Wildlife Gardening in Peckham.

Sylvia welcomed us to the centre and asked us what living                                                  things we had seen .P1010390P1010391P1010392

We had to find lots of things in the garden from a list Sylvia gave usP1010393P1010394P1010395P1010396P1010397P1010398P1010399P1010400     Then we went looking for minibeasts in the pond and in the ground.

P1010409P1010412P1010414P1010406We had great fun looking for all the creatures .

Our Memorable Event for Heroes and Villains

All dressed up in our amazing costumes.P1010355Spiderman sent us a message asking us to get all the powers back for the Super Heroes . Here we are all going into the rocket ready to blast up to the moon  to get them back.
P1010362P1010360P1010361P1010357P1010356                                                Sitting inside the rocket.
P1010363                                                     Ready for take off.


                            We passed around the rock to bring back the powers.P1010369                 P1010364P1010365P1010373

Spider man paid us a visit to thank us for

getting all the powers back to the Super Heroes.

He gave us badges for saving the day !

The Christmas Star

This half-term Reception’s topic has been ‘Up Above and Down Below’.  We have read lots of stories on this theme, and our learning inspired us to create a show that included some of the characters we have encountered, such as teddies and aliens. We spent a lot of time practising our singing and acting, and talking about how we could make our performance special for the audience.  On Wednesday 7th December, we performed our Nativity production “The Christmas Star”.

Some children were decorating the tree for Christmas, but where is the star for the top of the tree?
They asked some fireworks if they had seen the Christmas Star, but the fireworks hadn’t.
The aliens had not seen the Christmas Star either.
Finally, they asked some teddy bears who were having a picnic on the moon if they had seen the Christmas Star. The teddy bears had not seen the Christmas Star.
The children returned to their decorations box and inside they found a Nativity scene. A star led the way to the newborn baby Jesus.
Finally the children had found the star for the top of the Christmas tree!

We are so proud of the final performance. Thank you to everyone who came along to support us.

The cast of ‘The Christmas Star’.



Our Educational Visit to the Observatory in Greenwich

We were really lucky to go to the Planetarium as part of our topic ‘Up above and down below’ .

p1010150 p1010148 p1010149We were very excited on the 53 bus to Greenwich.p1010151 p1010152 p1010153 p1010154 p1010155 p1010156

When we got to the park we had a run round picking up leaves and acorn cups.p1010159               Here we are outside the Observatory where the Planetarium.p1010160 p1010166 p1010164 p1010163 p1010162 p1010161 p1010167                         The view of the O2  from the viewing platform. p1010168 p1010169 p1010172 p1010173 p1010175 p1010176 p1010177 p1010178         We had fun with Emma in the ‘Moon Walking’ workshop. We learnt about      planets and zoomed off in a rocket to the moon where we found moon rocks.