We Love Adventures


To start our new topic we all got ready to look for treasure.  We got ready for our real life adventure in the classroom. We tied bandanas on our heads and walked quietly in case we came across any trolls, goblins or crocodiles.


First we had to walk across the wobbly bridge we had to be careful not to fall into the valley below.


At the end of the bridge there was a teddy bear with a question. The question  was ‘What’s the difference between a crocodile and a alligator?’

Next we needed to balance across the logs to get over rapids.

P1020023P1020025P1020024P1020027When we had crossed over the rapids safely, we found another teddy with a question . It said ‘Why does a bear hibernate?’

After that we treaded carefully through the troll forest.

P1020028The next teddy asked ‘ What was the first aeroplane like?’

Then we needed to go around the lake without waking the monster.


At the end of of the lake the teddy was there with another question. It was ‘What adventures have your grandparents been on ?’

We were nearly at the treasure, we just needed to tiptoe over the sleeping turtle.


There was another teddy waiting for us. The question was ‘How does a bus driver know where to go ?’

Our last place was the goblin garden . We walked quietly around the edge of the garden.


At last we found the treasure box  but oh no it was empty.


We found our last question, it was ‘What’s the best material for a boat?’

We are going to go back when we have found out the answers to all the questions. We will keep our fingers crossed that the treasure will be there for us.

Our Educational Visit

We started our new topic ‘Gosh and Wow’ with a visit from Jed the Circus performerP1010577

Here he is juggling clubs on a unicycle.


We were very excited when we saw his clever tricks.P1010593He taught us how to balance on the tightrope.


Then he showed us how to juggle with scarves.



Even juggling with juggling balls.


Next we learnt how to spin plates.IMG_3638IMG_3637IMG_3620IMG_3619IMG_3636P1010585P1010584P1010583P1010582P1010581P1010580P1010579P1010578


Jed had lots of things to practise with, like the diablo.


Jed also brought along a bike. Look how small it is !


He showed us how to do a trick with something called a flower stick.


Some of us tried hoola hooping.IMG_3635IMG_3645IMG_3666

Here we are catching a ball in a cup.


And walking on stilts.IMG_3654


Now we will learn how to use our Circus skills to put on a show.