A sweet treat

This week at Besson Street Gardens, Year 1 sampled lots of different types of honey.

Over the past few weeks we have been learning all about Bees and finally got to taste some of the honey we have talked about!

We tried honey from Sainsbury’s, Spain and Besson Street itself and then we took a vote to see which was our favourite!

Do you like honey? What kind of honey is your favourite?

Miss Green and Miss Burns

Busy Bees

In 1G we have been learning about bees at Besson Street Gardens!

We have learnt all about their different body parts, how the collect nectar and pollen to make honey.

This week we learnt how worker bees communicate with each other.

They perform a waggle dance to show the direction and distance of a collection of pollen!

We made our own bee masks then went outside and tried the waggle dance for ourselves! It was so fun.








Check back in soon soon to see what else we get up to at Besson Street Gardens!

Miss Green

A day of dinosaurs!

Year 1 had the most exciting day at the Natural History Museum!

We had to travel by coach, it was lots of fun.








When we arrived we went exploring around the dinosaur exhibition and saw fossils, skeletons and even a huge T-Rex that roared!























Next we ate our tasty lunch in the picnic area!

After lunch, we took part in a Stegosaurus workshop!

We built a Stegosaurus out of jigsaw puzzle pieces…

Then we had one last look around the dinosaurs!

We learnt so much about dinosaurs and really enjoyed our day.

Thank you to all of the parents who helped us have such a wonderful time!

Miss Green and Miss Burns

A cracking half term!

Year 1 were very excited on the final day of half term to discover all of their eggs had hatched into baby dinosaurs!

We observed our dinosaur eggs over 3 days and noticed that the water was helping our dinosaurs to grow big and strong. Some of our eggs even made the colour of the water change!

We discussed why the colour of the water may have changed and how the egg was being dissolved in the water and how the dinosaurs absorbed the water to grow bigger!

We had lots of different types of dinosaur including Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus and even a T-Rex!

We were very shocked and excited about all of the changes we saw!

Why do you think the colour of the water changed?


Miss Green and Miss Burns