A visit from the Funky Fairy

Reception HT were visited by the Funky Fairy who guided the children on an adventure to find the stolen book of fairy tales. They travelled through the enchanted forest to the villainous Red Queen’s castle.  All the children were heroes as they found the book and returned it to the Funky Fairy. It was a fantastic way to explore the characteristics of heroes and villains.


The Funky Fairy





What happened when you sat on the magic throne?


The Christmas Star

This half-term Reception’s topic has been ‘Up Above and Down Below’.  We have read lots of stories on this theme, and our learning inspired us to create a show that included some of the characters we have encountered, such as teddies and aliens. We spent a lot of time practising our singing and acting, and talking about how we could make our performance special for the audience.  On Wednesday 7th December, we performed our Nativity production “The Christmas Star”.

Some children were decorating the tree for Christmas, but where is the star for the top of the tree?
They asked some fireworks if they had seen the Christmas Star, but the fireworks hadn’t.
The aliens had not seen the Christmas Star either.
Finally, they asked some teddy bears who were having a picnic on the moon if they had seen the Christmas Star. The teddy bears had not seen the Christmas Star.
The children returned to their decorations box and inside they found a Nativity scene. A star led the way to the newborn baby Jesus.
Finally the children had found the star for the top of the Christmas tree!

We are so proud of the final performance. Thank you to everyone who came along to support us.

The cast of ‘The Christmas Star’.



Our Visit to Greenwich Observatory

As part of our topic Up above and down below, we visited the Greenwich Observatory. We found out lots of facts about space, and then went on an imaginary rocket to the moon!

img_2604 img_2603 img_00511

On the bus to Greenwich Park.img_0023

We helped Ted to find the great big bear in the sky.  We found out lots of facts about the planets in our solar system.


img_0011Then, we had some time to play in Greenwich Park.

img_00491 img_00471 img_0045 img_0042 img_0041

We went in a rocket to the moon.  We went moon-walking and collected moon-rocks.

We had a fantastic day in Greenwich, and have been excited to share our knowledge of space back at school.  Thank you to all of our parent and carer helpers, who helped make the day a great success!