Year 1’s Paleontologists visit the Natural History Museum

Our first topic in Year 1 is called ‘Dinosaurs’.  We got this off to a roaring start with a visit to the Natural History Museum!  We found out lots of information about dinosaurs and fossils, and then we had a go at being palaeontologists.

We explored the Dinosaur Gallery.
What dinosaur is this? How do you know? What did it eat? Why does it have horns?
What can you find out about dinosaurs from these footprints?

What did you find out in the Dinosaur Gallery?

Sophie the Stegosaurus
Paleontologists at work!
What can we find out about Sophie from her skull?
How many spikes did Sophie have? What did she use them for?

We found out the answers to lots of questions about Dinosaurs, and we are looking forward to learning more during our topic.

Thank you to all the adults who joined us, and helped make our day a success!