Toys, toys, toys!

Hello and welcome back to another school year!

To start off our topic this term – Toys, we traveled to the Horniman Museum to participate in a workshop about toys from around the world!

When we arrived, we looked at different toys that were used to tell stories. We used a doll that could be turned upside down and back to front to create different characters from Little Red Riding Hood!

Then, we had the opportunity to explore a variety of different toys and we had so much fun!

After we ate our lunch, we explored the rest of the museum and saw lots of wonderful things.

We even saw some honey bees in action! Can you spot the Queen?

To end our day, we decided to add a wish to the wishing tree. Our wish for 2G this year is ‘happiness’ which we experienced today!

We had such a great day, come back soon to see what else we get up to in Year 2!

Miss Green