Red Nose Day! 

Today was Red Nose Day, where we all donated to Comic Relief to come to school dressed in red, black and white. Reception C’s costumes were all amazing, but the ‘best dressed’ award went to Juno for her wacky superhero look.

We joined the rest of the school for a special assembly where we were delighted to hear that the school had raised over £344! We watched a video that showed us how the money would help children in Africa to have a better school. Then, Juno represented the class in a game called ‘gorilla, ninja, cowboy.’ Well done Juno, and congratulations to Mathilda from Reception B who was the winner!

Which friends making funny faces can you spot?


We will never forget the fun we had today, and will remember the importance of our charity donations.

Visit from a Year 4 child

Earlier today, we were lucky enough to have a very special visitor: Chiara from 4A! Chiara taught Reception C children some painting techniques, helped them with their maths puzzles and read them a story. The children absolutely loved learning from an older child at Edmund Waller, and called her “Miss Chiara” as she was such a good teacher. Chiara told us that she dreams of becoming an artist or a teacher in the future. We think she would be fantastic as either or both of these!

Superhero week

We have continued our Heroes and villains topic with a week dedicated to our favourite superheroes. We have been enjoying the books Super Daisy by Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt, and Eliot Jones, Midnight Superhero, by Anne Cottringer and Alex T Smith.

Yesterday, members of Reception C transformed into superheroes for our memorable event. We did a lot of acting, playing in role and talking about our special powers. We selected and used different resources such as Lego, craft straws and recyclable materials to create superhero gadgets. We wrote lines of speech using the high frequency word ‘said‘ to enhance our super powers.

"I will get the green goblin" said Bumblebee.
“I will get the green goblin” said Bumblebee.
"Let it go" said Elsa.
“Let it go” said Elsa.
"Spider girl to the rescue" said Spider girl.
“Spider girl to the rescue” said Spider girl.
"I will squash the peas" said Hulk.
“I will squash the peas” said Hulk.
"This is a job for Elsa" said Elsa.
“This is a job for Elsa” said Elsa.
"This is a job for Super Jennifer" said Jennifer.
“This is a job for Super Jennifer” said Jennifer.
"I'm Captain America!"
“I’m Captain America!” said Super Josh.
"Leopard girl will save the day" said Leopard Girl.
“Leopard girl will save the day” said Leopard Girl.
"Bats save the world!" said Batgirl.
“Bats save the world!” said Batgirl.
"What are you doing?" asked Super Leckhan.
“What are you doing?” said Super Leckhan.
"I will save the apple!" said Super Jasper.
“I will save the apple!” said Super Jasper.
"It's not fair!" said Cinderella.
“It’s not fair!” said Cinderella.
"I will save the world" said Super Prince.
“I will save the world” said Super Prince.
"This is a job for Bumblebee" said Bumblebee.
“This is a job for Bumblebee” said Bumblebee.
"I will freeze the world" said Elsa.
“I will freeze the world” said Elsa.
"Super Flamenco!"
“Super Flamenco!” said Super Flamenco Girl.
"I will save the world" said Batman.
“I will save the world” said Batman.
"I am super" said Super Harris.
“I am super” said Super Harris.
"I am Super Cat" said Super Cat.
“I am Super Cat” said Super Cat.
"This is a job for Super Dulcie" said Dulcie.
“This is a job for Super Dulcie” said Dulcie.
"Princess Power Button to the Rescue" said Princes Power Button.
“Princess Power Button to the rescue” said Princess Power Button.
"I am saving the day" said Super Luca.
“I am saving the day” said Super Luca.