Roll up, Roll Up!

On Monday we were visited by a circus performer called Obby.

IMG_0393 IMG_0382







He knew lots of tricks and circus skills.

IMG_0422 IMG_0371







His performance made us all say “Gosh” and “Wow!”

IMG_0359 IMG_0375







He even taught us some circus skills.

IMG_0444 IMG_0469 IMG_0435 IMG_0473













We asked Obby lots of questions. We found out that he loves learning new things. He started learning tricks when he was just 6 years old. Also, he learns his tricks by watching other people or videos.

IMG_0563 IMG_0560







At the end of the day some children performed the skills Obby had taught us.

IMG_0572 IMG_0568

Thank you Obby for visiting reception and wowing us with your tricks!




A visit to the Wildlife Centre


This half term our topic is Mother Earth.  We visited Peckham Wildlife Centre to find out about the living things we share the earth with.

IMG_0251We pretended to be trees. We couldn’t move because our legs were roots which grew into the ground. We had to reach and collect raindrops. If we collected too much or too little water we would not grow well. Trees need just the right amount of water to grow.


IMG_0946We went pond-dipping. We looked closely at the animals and insects we caught in our nets.


IMG_0284                   We caught a toad!






We explored different habitats to look for minibeasts. We moved bricks.
We dug into mud.
We lifted up the carpets.


Can you remember the names of the minibeasts we found?


Real Life Superheroes

To end our topic ‘Heroes and Villains’ we were visited by some real life superheroes.  We asked them lots of questions about their jobs.




IMG_0219We found out that the police help to keep us safe.  They wear a special uniform that protects them.  They have gadgets like radios and handcuffs that help them to do their job.  They told us that boys and girls can grow up to be in the police.  They also told us that to be in the police we have to do good listening at school.

IMG_0225IMG_0228Tess and Jackie, our cleaners, help to keep our classroom tidy.  They also help to keep us safe during our lunchtime.  We can help them by tidying away our belongings, and remembering to put the lids back on our pens.

Thank you to the real life superheroes for visiting Reception T!