Year 2 Home Learning 30.11.17

Due Monday 4.12.17

This week we enjoyed a visit from the Fire Safety Officer, called Jordana, and we learned how to keep safe in our homes, if there is a fire.

  1. For home learning this week, you have been sent a pack which includes a leaflet from the Fire Protection Service. Please read this with your parents/carers and talk about all the things you learned during the visit, completing the questionnaire.
  2. Jordana (the Fire Safety Officer) explained that it is very important for everyone to learn their address, in case of an emergency. Therefore, part of your home learning is to learn your address, if you don’t know it already.
  3. You have also been given a sheet of plain paper, for you to create your own Fire Safety Poster. Please look after it carefully and make sure your poster is neat, colourful and eye-catching. It should share important messages about how to keep safe if there is a fire at home. Remember what Jordana told us, and use the Fire Safety leaflet for ideas.
  • We will be looking for the best examples! Please look after your poster carefully and don’t stick it in your book.

Home Learning 16.11.17

Year 2 Home Learning 16.11.17

Due Monday 20.11.17

In Maths this week we have been learning about 2D shapes.

For home learning we want you to go on a shape hunt! What shapes can you find?

Your challenge is to find as many different 2D shapes as you can. You should record what the object is and name the shape (e.g.hexagon). Try to describe the shape by saying what properties it has, e.g.

  • · How many sides? Are they long or short, curved or straight?
  • · How many corners (vertex or vertices)
  • · How many angles inside your shape? Can you spot any rightangles?

Remember your shape can be regular and irregular!

Have fun!

Pudding Lane… in Edmund Waller School!

Just like Thomas Farriner in his Pudding Lane bakery, we baked bread with the help of a few parents. We could smell the yeasty dough throughout the building, as it proved on top of the oven. Our tummies rumbled as we admired the beautifully crafted, golden buns. Make sure your child tells you what it was like to knead the dough at different stages of the process and then shape their bread.