Fruit Kebabs

Over the past three of weeks 1G have been working on their fruit kebabs. Our first step was to design the fruit kebab. We chose the fruits we would put on them and which order they would be in. Next we used this design to make a prototype of our fruit kebab.  We used coloured card and skewers and we were careful to follow it exactly. For the final stage we made the kebabs out of fresh fruit and skewers following the prototype.

We are now ready for our ‘Memorable Event’. We will make the fruit kebabs with our parents and carers on Thursday 7th July at 3:45 in 1G’s classroom. 

We look forward to seeing our parents and carers there!


Download (PDF, 2.69MB)

We Are Farmers Afternoon Activities

This week in 1G we have been doing lots of exciting activities in the afternoon.

Children have been very busy on the Junk Modelling table making the strawberry fields we explored on our educational visit to Stonepitts Farm last week. We have been making a painting of the life Cycle of a French climbing bean using ICT. On the Writing Table we have been making a wanted poster for the elephant from Handa’s Surprise.  Some children have been playing customers and shop keepers in the Farm Shop. In our Book Corner there is always time to share a story with a friend. We have all made a prototype of the fruit kebab we have designed and will make next week.


Download (PDF, 2.02MB)

1G’s Butterflies

In 1G we have had some special guests. Over the past 4 weeks we have been watching the life cycle of the butterfly happen before our eyes!

They stared as baby caterpillars and we saw them grow into big hairy caterpillars. We observed as they made their own cocoon and turned into chrysalises. Over half term they hatched into beautiful butterflies and we fed them fruit to help them grow big and strong.

On Tuesday we released them into the wild and watched them fly away.

Download (PDF, 930KB)

Art – Double Primary Colours

Our art topic this half term is ‘Fruit and Vegetables’.

Over the past two weeks we have been looking at the colours and shades in different fruits. Using chalk pastels,  we have been mixing our own colours and using these new colours to draw the fruit in detail.

This week we have moved onto using powder paint and the ‘Double Primary Colour System’ to mix our own colours. We were very gentle mixing our colours and using the special brushes.

Can you remember what powder made the colours you were mixing lighter?

How did we make green?

Download (PDF, 1.11MB)

Art Topic – Fruit and Vegetables

Last week, we began our new art topic ‘Fruit and Vegetables’.

We had to use our observational skills to draw the inside of different fruits in detail using special 2b and 4b drawing pencils.

Some fruits had seeds on the inside and some had seeds on the outside. Can you remember the fruits that had seeds on the inside?

What patterns, lines and shapes did you notice?

Download (PDF, 765KB)