Art Topic – Fruit and Vegetables

Last week, we began our new art topic ‘Fruit and Vegetables’.

We had to use our observational skills to draw the inside of different fruits in detail using special 2b and 4b drawing pencils.

Some fruits had seeds on the inside and some had seeds on the outside. Can you remember the fruits that had seeds on the inside?

What patterns, lines and shapes did you notice?

Download (PDF, 765KB)

We Are Farmers! Sunflowers!

We have been learning all about sunflowers and have been busy planting our own sunflower seeds.

Why are sunflowers called sunflowers?

What colour are the petals? Why do bees like sunflowers?

What happens when the sunflower dies?

Can you explain the life cycle of the sunflower to a friend or family member?

Look at us planting our own sunflower seeds:

Download (PDF, 1.09MB)