Hampton Court Palace

It was our school trip to Hampton Court Palace. I was really excited to see all the amazing thing Henry VIII did and stayed. When we got there I was overwhelmed of how humongous it was. Firstly, a man showed us round the kitchens, these were my favourites. First, was the boiler room, it was just big enough to fit us all. Too people got to see a massive pot that had to cook for 100 people! Secondly, we went to a room that had a fire place that was big enough to fit our whole class in! Finally, we went to a room that was used to make vegetables and bread it smelt very strong of plants beasecause there was very strong smelling plants. Those were my favourite kitchens.

Then we moved on to paintings and artefacts. These are my favourite paintings and rooms. Firstly, we went to an amazing room that interested me because I didn’t know why they put gold on the sealing for one of the layers. Secondly, we arrived at a room where Henry VIII wrote his diaries. I was interested because I wondered why his desk was bigger than he needed. Finally, my favourite room was Henry’s bed! I was confused by why his bed looked super wide but really short even when he was six foot five!

By Obi

Hampton Court Palace

On the first of November I went to Hampton court palace with 4F and 4R.We got on the couch and travelled for two ours. When we got there everyone was exited because we could all see the palace. We started to walk towards the palace and we could see the tudor rose on a flag. We walked through a golden leaf vine and it led us to Henry viii kitchens. Sudnly a man in a tudor suit popped up and took us into the kitchens. The first kitchen he took us into was the rousting room. The rousting room was very small and could only fit 28 pepole in and that was not including 4R. The rousting room yousto have a fire place but they blocked it of because it was dandrouse.

The next kitchen was the the boiling room and inside it had lots of different plants like rosemary, thyme, coriander and onions. When I was looking around in that section, Carmen found a pot and was being funny by pretending to be a maid so she got a long onion stick and stirred it into the bowl on the floor. The next kitchen we went into was the fire place. In the fire place there was a really big chimney that we all got a chance to see. There was also a lot of fake plastic meat on the tables and everyone was touching them. After that the man showed us how to make a fire. His assistant came and moulded some hay into a ball. And then he got some metal and iron and scraped it against each other and he made flames.


by Quechua

Southwark Cathedral


Yesterday, Year 4 went on an educational visit to Southwark Cathedral.

We dressed up as monks and acted out the different roles they had within the Cathedral. Using role play, we then explored what it would have been like to find out that the monastery was going to be closed. The lives of most of the monks would changed forever during the Reformation.

We also did a workshop about illuminated manuscripts, finding out which materials were used for writing in Tudor times. The children were disgusted to find out that ink was made with urine! We will be using the skills we learnt to write invitations for our memorable event – ‘Banquet for Henry’.

The children did both teacher’s proud by being enthusiastic and answering lots of questions. The volunteers were impressed by the amount of information they have retained about the Tudors and more specifically, the Reformation.