Southwark Cathedral


Yesterday, Year 4 went on an educational visit to Southwark Cathedral.

We dressed up as monks and acted out the different roles they had within the Cathedral. Using role play, we then explored what it would have been like to find out that the monastery was going to be closed. The lives of most of the monks would changed forever during the Reformation.

We also did a workshop about illuminated manuscripts, finding out which materials were used for writing in Tudor times. The children were disgusted to find out that ink was made with urine! We will be using the skills we learnt to write invitations for our memorable event – ‘Banquet for Henry’.

The children did both teacher’s proud by being enthusiastic and answering lots of questions. The volunteers were impressed by the amount of information they have retained about the Tudors and more specifically, the Reformation.


Times Tables

What times tables should my child be learning?

In the table below are the National Curriculum times tables expectations for each year group.

Year 1Count in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. Recall and use doubles of all numbers to 10 and
corresponding halves.
Year 2Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables.
Year 3Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables.
Year 4Recall multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 x 12.
Year 5Revision of all times tables and division facts up to 12 x 12.
Year 6Revision of all times tables and division facts up to 12 x 12.

How can I help my child learn their times tables?

  • A lot of learning the x tables is just repetition. Go over the times table again and again. Chant it, sing it, stamp your feet or bang a drum to it!
  • Look out for patterns. What do you notice? For example the 5 times table always ends in 5 or 0 and the digits of the 11 times table are the same up to 10 times 11.
  • Be detectives and find maths rules. Eg – are multiples of 6 always even? What do you notice about adding the digits of the 9 times table together (up to 10 times 9)?
  • 10 is the key! The 10x table is perhaps the easiest, so use it to help with 9 times table and 11 times table of other numbers. Eg if we know that 10×7 is 70 then 11×7 must be 7 more or 9×7 must be 7 less.
  • Recall the rhyme! ‘6 x 6 is 36’, ‘Seven 7s are 49’ etc…
  • Time yourself. Can you get quicker at reciting your times table up to 12 x? Can you get quicker recalling number facts for your x table?

Are there any useful websites that will help in my child’s learning?

Yes, some good websites to support learning times-tables are:
Teach the Multiplication Tables to Your Child.   This site gives more useful hints on how to approach times tables.  A great resource-based site on how to teach multiplications. Contains a range of engaging multiplication games.

Interactive Times Tables Games
Another site with a range of enjoyable maths games.

My child can recall all facts to 12×12. What next?

Check for fluency – that facts can be recalled quickly. If so, look at how this knowledge can help with larger calculations- Eg 42×5.
Develop problem solving (such as real-life word problems) and reasoning skills, encouraging your child to think how they can apply the times tables knowledge. The website can help with this.

Comment below with any strategies you are finding helpful to learn your times-tables.