Year 5’s Aquatic adventure at the Horniman Museum

With our ‘Water, Water, Everywhere’ topic well underway after our first visit to the Creekside Centre, Year 5 continued to learn more about watery worlds at the Horniman Museum.

In our fascinating workshop we learnt about aquatic adaptations that enable living things to survive in water.

We had a good look at lots of fascinating examples of these different adaptations, from those helping the animal to defend itself…



…to those helping it to move in water.

Can you remember the other types of adaptations?

After that, we did some observational drawing in the aquarium, gathering visual information about the different underwater environments we saw there.

Year 5’s river adventure at Deptford Creekside



Lots of learning.

The rules of the river.

Ready to wade!

Slowly does it…

A crab exoskeleton that had been discarded its owner!

Shrimp, goby and other finds from our fishing.

We were digging for gold but instead we found a European Eel!