The old and new Piccadilly Circus

In the modern picture there are more people, more cars, more buses and shiny lights. There are more adverts and they are advertising diffrent products. I  imagine that the moden Piccadilly Circus would be very busy, noisy and polluted and makes me feel uncomfortable. I think the old fashioned Piccadilly Circus would have been quieter and calmer. Having said this I prefer the modern one because it looks more inviting as there is more colour and technology wheras the old one looks quite boring and grey.

piccadilly then piccadilly now

How it’s like being a Roman Empire member

I do like being in Emperor Caesars Empire. I’ve been training since I was 13 years old. But trying to conquer Britain is a bit scary. Although I’m an Empire member of especially Emperor Caesar I’m just a bit frightened of what’s coming to me. I don’t know I could be going into something really dangerous and get killed. I know I’m trained to fight but this whole thing isn’t really my thing I want to get out really bad. But I can’t I just can’t. Now we have arrived to conquer Britain just need to cross the shallow, grey water.

roman invasion

100 word challenge

Going to the street today is amazing because theirs so much cool things. I asked my mum how it was when she was little because she went all the time. It was on point the opposite she said that everything was dull all the cars were black and white. There would always be road rage everyone shouting at one and other. At first I thought my mum was lying because seeing how it’s like today and hiring what she said. No. But yet again she’s my mum. It’s just so different then. I couldn’t feel how it was like then.

piccadilly now piccadilly then


By Sumayah

Roman Topic

In school, we have been learning all about the Romans, including Pompeii and the fire of Rome.

Since the whole school is working on times-tables, we were told to write a story using our target times-tables. I chose to write about eight run-away Roman slaves, so that it would relate to our topic. The slaves meet eight refugees that lost their homes to the eruption, before stumbling across eight soldiers. Basically, the main structure is  the eight times- tables. Writing the story, I found it really interesting learning all about  the Romans, though difficult linking it to the eight times tables.

100 word challenge! by Lyon

In the street there were people lying down every where slowly dying some trying to sleep but still quickly shivering. As I walked down the cobbled pavement I could feel bits of glass digging into my shoe. My feet were killing me but I had to go to get some food or me and my family would starve. We have a small house made of brick in Rome and our emperor is called Emperor Augustus but he’s out all the time conquering different countries with the army. He only comes when it’s a gladiator fight because he decides their fate.

roman invasion

100 Word Challenge

I remember  when the city only had  the civilians living there, none came to our city like they do now. instead of the flashy screens there were just posters on the buildings . there was a rounder bout that cars came speeding around, not like today every one has to be so careful that you don’t hit any tourists. The roads were all filed with oil and the lampposts flickered at night only just lighting up the area unlike today, the roads get cleaned at night the lampposts light up the whole city. .

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In year 5 we have been studying Romans. One of our home learning activities is to represent your favourite feature of the Roman age. I quite enjoy the clothing and fashion of Romans,which will mean I can represent my fascination and show everyone. I have been designing mini tunics, togas and ponchos. In addition I have been making mini leather sandals to match the outfit.I hope  that I can show you all my hard work soon! This is my first design that I made of a day tunic that an average Roman woman would have worn!IMG_1267