Glove Making – Homework

This week you have made a prototype glove in science and DT. Your homework for this week is to write and explanation of how you did it!

Remember to include the key features of an explanation text:

1. Write a title at the top of your page explaining what your piece of writing is about.

2. Write a few sentences to explain what gloves are and what they we use them for. You could start your sentences with: ‘Gloves are…’ and ‘People have been…’.

3. Start a new paragraph. In this paragraph EXPLAIN how you made the gloves. To do this, break down the process into steps. Try to use the following connectives in your writing: firstly, secondly, next, after that, then, later and finally. Draw diagrams to help explain your writing if needed – make sure these are drawn neatly and coloured in well.

4. Start a new paragraph; use this paragraph to end your explanation writing by summarising what you have written about.

5. Read back through your work to check that it makes sense.


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RE Peace Walk

On Wednesday afternoon the year 5 classes had a peace workshop with Rev Sheridan James. Sheridan told us about lots of ways to feel peaceful or to try and find peace in our daily lives. We had this peace workshop, so that we could get a better understanding of what peace meant for our RE work.

First Sheridan showed us a PowerPoint with lots of pictures of what she thought was peaceful. Then Sheridan told us about her pilgrimage to Iona, which is an island in Scotland where Christianity first began. She chose to do a pilgrimage to Iona, because it’s popular for its singing and Sheridan loves to sing.

A few years ago Sheridan did a 6 day retreat in st Beuno’s in North Wales which is when you stay silent for a whole 6 days! It made her feel peaceful and relaxed. We talked about how everyone around her were doing it for the same reason so they were respectful and stayed silent as well. This meant it was calm and peace


In R.E year 5 have been learning about peace so the Rev Sheridan James came to our school to educate us about peace. First Sheridan told us about where she finds peace then she asked us where we find peace, I said my garden. Next she sad that churches can be noisy but they can also be very peaceful.



On the 3/2/17 the Reverend Sheridan from St Catherine’s Church came to our school to give us a peace talk. She told us about her silent pilgrimage for 6 days and how she had to be very quiet and not make any noise. If she made a massive commotion in the area, she would trigger other people’s noises and make a problem. We also went on a silent pilgrimage to St Catherine’s Church that is located at the top of Telegraph Hill Park. We all carried one stone each and on the journey, year 5 stopped two times to say a little chant; “Peace within us peace all around us”. We then carried on our journey. When we arrived, we all put down our stones create a lovely Peace Cairn on the steps of the church.

Silent Pilgrimage
Silent Pilgrimage



Peace means when you’re doing something relaxing and being silent and taking in every -thing that’s around you. You find peace in places that are calm and silent it’s not just about finding peace you can also make peace by calming yourself down, maybe spending a little time alone. A women called Sheridan  came into our school and gave us a talk about peace. She told us lots of new and interesting facts about peace.  Sheridan also told us when she went pilgrimage she had six day of silence. Sheridan challenged us to walk up to Telegraph Hill in silence, which is about 15 minutes away from our school.



My Top Five Favourite Experiences at Wick Court Farm!!!

At Wick Court Farm it was really exciting, because we got too do many exciting things. One of my favourite things was making the new lambs a new stable for them to sleep in with their sheep mums. We did this by getting straw from a bale and stuffing it in for the sheep who would be sleeping in it. Another one of the things I really enjoyed was herding the sheep to their new home. We did it with Group one and we had to form a chain of people so that no lambs could escape. The idea was that the lambs would follow their mothers their mothers and their mothers would follow food. Quite a few times the small lambs managed to escape or go the wrong way but in the end we managed too


Returning from Wick Court Farm

When we woke up in the morning we had too quickly pack all of our belongings. We went down to have our breakfast, we were all rushing around down onto the first floor and second floor. We were not allowed to bring are bags down because we would fall all the way down the stairs onto the wooden floor. We made are way sensibly onto the coach, it was a long and slow journey getting to the nearest station the A4. We all passed the time by talking and playing games we brought with us, everyone was looking out of the window, because it was all beautiful and frosty. Finally, we arrived at the service station.  We all went to the toilet then sat down to eat our lunch. We were going back onto our coach, we all sat down and wait for the driver to come back but suddenly we heard a voice saying, “Hello, hello anyone there?”  But before we would could say a word the driver came in and ended the call for us. Suddenly we all saw that we were at school, Miss Castle call out our names to collect our gift bags and go off the coach to our parents.



Where do you find Peace in your home?

On Wednesday afternoon, the Rev Sheridan James lead a Peace workshop with the Year 5 children.  It was an excellent afternoon, where the children explored different ways of finding peace in their daily lives, as part of their RE unit of work.


Sheridan explained: “Peace is a really deep word – with lots of meanings and lots of layers. When we think about the word all the meanings relate to each other and strengthen our understanding of what it means.”


She also shared her experiences of a pilgrimage to Iona and a 6 day silent retreat to St Beuno’s in North Wales, before kindly singing with the children at the end of their own Peace Pilgrimage.

Sheridan explained: “All the major world religions go on pilgrimage. This is a journey of moral or spiritual significance to somewhere very special and holy. It normally involves walking, a sense of needing to persevere and a sense of being somewhere special and significant.”

The children undertook their own short peace pilgrimage – from Edmund Waller School, to the top of the Telegraph Hill Upper Park. They walked in silence – just taking the time to notice their breathing, the birds, the trees, the sky.

Silent Pilgrimage
Silent Pilgrimage
Silent Pilgrimage
Silent Pilgrimage

And they each carried a stone – a Peace Stone. When they arrived the top, they walked silently into St Catherine’s Church grounds and built a Peace Cairn.

Silent Pilgrimage
Silent Pilgrimage

Sheridan explained: “A Cairn is  an intentional, human made pile or stack of rocks. Usually see them up in the mountains – to mark the highest point or a significant waymarker.  It comes from the Scottish Gaelic word càrn.”

Rev Sheridan James explains the practice of the Peace Cairn.
Rev Sheridan James explains the practice of the Peace Cairn.

So, the children built a Peace Cairn, on top of Telegraph Hill, as a waymarker – to show their commitment to PEACE.

Building a Peace Cairn
Building a Peace Cairn
Building a Peace Cairn
Building a Peace Cairn
Building a Peace Cairn
Building a Peace Cairn
Peace Cairn
Peace Cairn


We would like to say a huge Thank You to Rev Sheridan James for preparing such an engaging session for the children and sharing her personal experiences of finding Peace.

Look out for the children’s blog posts next week.

Have a peaceful weekend.

Insulation Experiment

In Year 5, we have been investigating the properties of different materials to help in our quest to design and make a drink container suitable for Shackleton to keep his hot chocolate warm as he explores the Antarctic.

To ensure we use the best materials to insulate his cup, we have created prototypes and tested them to see which would keep the drink warmest for longest.

IMG_0812 IMG_0814

Which type of cup do you predict will insulate Shackleton’s drink the best?

Which colour cup will insulate Shackleton's hot chocolate best?

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Which material will be best for insulating Shackleton's hot chocolate?

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Home Learning 03/02/17

This week, in Maths we have been exploring the world of 3D shape and learning how to use our key mathematical vocabulary to describe the different shapes with precision.

For our home learning this week, we are to select 5 different 3D shapes and describe their properties, before finding examples of them in the real world.

Remember, the words we have been using are:

  • Faces
  • Edges
  • Vertices
  • Apex
  • Parallel
  • Perpendicular

If you want to investigate more about nets of 3D shapes, try this site which has lots of examples that you can print out and build.

Wick Court Farm Favourites

Farm favourites
Our favourite things about Wick Court Farm.
– Watching triplet lambs being born -Imogen
– Feeding straw to the pigs – Saffi
– Feeding the lambs with a bottle – Nia
– Chasing the pigs into the weighing machine – Rebecca
– Having a rest on the warm smoking pile of woodchip – Tom
– Giving the cows pickled grass – Joshua
– Watching the milking robot – Toby
– Mucking out the stables – Anthony
– Seeing the first lamb triplet being born – Maya
– Seeing the last lamb triplet being born and the ewe surviving – Ivy
– Saving the pig that was running out of the pen – Berry
– Meeting the lambs for the first time – Nina
– Rounding the pigs into the pens cooperatively as a team – Jude
– Seeing a lamb being born – Adair
– Finding out about how a dairy farm works – Andrew
– Feeding all the different animals, chickens, horses, rams, ewes, lambs, ducks and chickens. – Skander
– Feeding the lambs with a bottle – William
– Seeing the new born calf learning to walk – Lee
– Seeing the new born calves and lambs being born – Preston
– Feeding the 24 hour old calf at Oldbury farm – Samuel
– Watching the horses galloping in the field – Annalia
– Using the boards to move Jacky the female pig in with Caspar the male pig for mating – Maia
– Watching the lambs jumping around the pen – Esme
– Stroking the horses – Jason
– Having my boots washed while watching the pigs – Louie
– Eating the delicious food – Noah
– Seeing the lambs being born because I have never seen anything like it before! – Thomas

IMG-20170118-WA0009 IMAG8031 IMAG8040 IMAG8043 IMAG8048 IMAG8050

Wa.tching lamb triplets being born
Wa.tching lamb triplets being born
Watching lamb triplets being born.
Watching lamb triplets being born.
Weighing the pigs.
Weighing the pigs.
Weighing the pigs.
Weighing the pigs.
Herding the ewes and lambs from one pen to another.
Herding the ewes and lambs from one pen to another.
Herding the ewes and lambs from one pen to another.
Herding the ewes and lambs from one pen to another.