Homework 18/11/16

5F have been reading non chronological reports in Guided Reading.  This week children are to create a page for our class book about a fictional or real animal that lives in a river based habitat.  This could be an animal that lives either entirely or partially in the water.

Think carefully about how the non-chronological reports are structured and the different sections of information you believe the reader will need to understand all about your animal.

If you need any tips try visting National Geographic on http://www.ngkids.co.uk/

Homework is due in on Friday, 25th November

writing a new blurb for Lily Alone

After my mum left  I find it kind of scary.  I have to look after Bliss , Baxter and most importantly Pixie.I made a rule to make shore that they don’t  go to school just in case they give it away.  Now I can’t do anything, the bills need to be paid, I can’t even do the rent so now we have to live in the park.  There’s hardly any food or anything.


A Day as Katniss Everdeen

A diary entry in role as Katniss Everdeen:

I woke up startled. My back ached and the burn on my calf wasn’t healing. As my eyes focused on the rabbit hopping around the tree trunk, I ate one strip of beef from my pack. Cautiously, I climb  down from the tree, looking in all directions for any sign of the Careers. Nothing. The rabbit I saw earlier has hopped over to a bush. I raise my knife…

Under a looming willow, I start a fire, careful to conceal the smoke. The rabbit tastes delicious. l wrap some meat in my plastic and move on, climbing higher and higher as I scale the valley. Where are the Careers? I don’t know but I continue to follow Haymitch’s advice and look for water. No sign, not a trickle or stream. Walking on I look hopeful – hopeful that one of the sponsors will spare a coin, allowing me to drink.

Hunger scrapes in my stomach, causing me to eat the remains of the rabbit. Before I hadn’t felt the reality of the arena. This is the Hunger Games.




On the 30/10/2016 the Los Angeles cheer leading squad “The Rams” came to visit year five.  They showed us some dance routines with their pompoms . The music was loud and fast paced. The Rams also included year five in some of their dance routines which was so much fun. Some people in my year level even got to try on the pompoms!! The cheerleaders were doing a tour of England and regularly perform at the NFL in America. My year level felt very special because we were allowed to have a photo with the team and they even gave us their autographs. I put my photo up on my bedroom wall and it makes me smile every time I look at it because it was such a fun day.


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Year 5 Class Read

In English we are currently studying Micheal Morpurgo’s ‘Why The Whale Came’, as part of our topic ‘Water, Water, Everywhere’.  Over this term, we will be reading this book as our class read and using it to inspire our own narrative texts.


The Birdman puts spells on people. We mustn’€™t talk to him. We’€™re not supposed to.

Gracie and Daniel have been warned to stay away from the mad Birdman – but the message in the sand tells them that the Birdman isn’€™t what he seems.

Then they get lost in the fog and stranded on Samson Island. Should they believe the Birdman’€™s story that the island is cursed?

Homework 11/11/16

This week, Year 5 are to create a game based on their target times-tables.  The game could be for one player or the whole class to help others to learn their times-tables in a different way.

We want everyone to be as creative as possible and we will be using them later in the term and evaluate how effective our games are in helping us all to learn our multiplication facts.

This homework is due on Friday, 18th November.

Remember, that everyone now has their own Mathletics account.  Mr Foster and Mr Murati will be allocating activities based on the learning we have been doing that week in Maths so that children can practise what we have been studying in class.


Book Review

At the moment I am reading Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. Wolf brother is book 1 in the chronicles of ancient darkness series. Torak is a young hunter boy living in the forest with his father. Tragically at the begging of the book his father is slaughtered by a daemon bear.

Forced to run away into the woods alone with no parents, he runs into a young wolf cub who’s pack was drowned in the fast water, Wolf becomes a key character in the the story,as he accompanies Torak  on his way to the high mountains of the world spirit because he swore an oath to his father that he would get to the mountains or die on the journey. After a couple of days alone with wolf in a feeble shelter, Torak is captured by Raven clan, one of the groups of hunters. He is forced to fight the clan leader’s nephew, Hord.  He escapes from Raven clan with Hord’s sister, Renn and has  to collect 3 objects, all 3 part of the Nanuak before he gets to the mountains.