Year 5 Memorable Event – Our ‘Water Celebration’

Last week, we rounded off our topic, ‘Water, Water Everywhere’ in style with a Water Celebration. We put together an art gallery of our pencil and pastel drawings and watercolour paintings, displayed photos and work related to our educational visits and other topic learning and also made and sold delicious soup.

Year 5 Home Learning

This week, your home learning is to find, read and bring in a story with a moral. This could be a traditional fable (one that we have not yet looked at in class) or another type of story that you think is trying to teach some sort of ‘lesson’.

Record this reading in your Reading Record, including a description of the moral that you think the story is communicating in your own words.

In addition, remember to keep practising your times tables at home and read for approximately 15 minutes each day.

Year 5 Home Learning

This week, you have two tasks for your home learning:

  1. Learn the lyrics for our Christmas song, ‘Let it Snow!’
  2. Make a net of 3-D shape of your choice at home to bring in next week to share. Challenge yourself to try something other than a cube (perhaps you could try making a triangular prism or a cylinder?) and remember to check that you’re confident with the name of the shape too.

Have a lovely weekend!

Choir performance at Greenhive Care Home

This morning, the Choir walked to Greenhive Care Home for the elderly where they performed, ‘Any Dream Will Do’, ‘I Wanna Be Like You,’ and ‘I Turn On The Tap’.  They were then treated to a performance of ‘Daisy Bell’ by the residents.  After that, the children worked with the residents to make sparkly hats and kites.

The Choir not only performed fantastically; they had a brilliant time with the residents and everybody enjoyed themselves very much!  Well done, Choir!


Year 5 Home Learning 23.11.18

Remarkable Reading!

Where do you like to read?! Is there somewhere strange or surprising that you have curled up and read your book? In order to brighten up our book corners, we would like you to bring in a photo of you reading in an unusual or interesting place, or perhaps just your favourite location.

Shape mania!

Next week, our maths work will focus on shape and specifically, nets of 3D shapes. We would like you to bring in a net from home. This might include a net for a cuboid (a cereal box perhaps) but we would love to see some more interesting nets too… Can you get your hands on a net for a triangular prism or a cylinder? Is it even possible to have a net for a sphere?! Challenge yourself with this! Bring yours in on Monday morning to help us kick off our week’s learning.