Year 5 Home Learning 16/11/18

To support our super soup making DT project we would like to gather your knowledge and opinions…

What kinds of soup have you tried or even made before? 

What are your preferred flavours? 

What flavours do you think would appeal to other people if we are to market it effectively?

Then, we would like you to carry out some research into soup recipes – online, in newspapers and magazines or in cook books that you might have at home – and find one that you like the sound of. What do any of the recipes you have found have in common in terms of the ingredients or the methods? 

Please leave your findings in the comments below.

Story sharing

Yesterday, Year 5 were lucky enough to team up with Year 6 children and hear the brilliant stories that they have been writing in their English lessons, based on the myth of King Midas.

The Year 6 children began by reading their blurbs and then the stories themselves with expression as the Year 5s listened, on the edge of their seats until the end!

Thank you very much to all Year 6 children – we loved being able to experience some of your learning. 


Year 5 Home Learning

This week, your task is to carry out research into one environmental issue that is addressed in This Morning I Met a Whale to add to your understanding and present your findings clearly. You can choose from:

  • Plastic in the oceans
  • Melting ice caps
  • Whaling
  • Deforestation

What is your ‘issue’ caused by? Why is it a problem for the environment? Which animals is it affecting? To present your research, you should include factual information such as statistics and you may like to add images too.


Due: Tuesday 13th November

Year 5’s Aquatic adventure at the Horniman Museum

With our ‘Water, Water, Everywhere’ topic well underway after our first visit to the Creekside Centre, Year 5 continued to learn more about watery worlds at the Horniman Museum.

In our fascinating workshop we learnt about aquatic adaptations that enable living things to survive in water.

We had a good look at lots of fascinating examples of these different adaptations, from those helping the animal to defend itself…



…to those helping it to move in water.

Can you remember the other types of adaptations?

After that, we did some observational drawing in the aquarium, gathering visual information about the different underwater environments we saw there.

Year 5’s river adventure at Deptford Creekside



Lots of learning.

The rules of the river.

Ready to wade!

Slowly does it…

A crab exoskeleton that had been discarded its owner!

Shrimp, goby and other finds from our fishing.

We were digging for gold but instead we found a European Eel!