3D shapes

In maths we been learning about 3D shapes. Mr Absolom gave us a sheet of paper between two. We had to draw a Venn diagram and Mr Absolom gave us shapes so we can sort them out in our Venn diagrams.

clay and venn 041

This is my one that I made with Joseph.

It was hard to sort the cube into the right place because its got so many corners and sides so you get confused and count the same thing again and again.

by Elim

3D shape’s

clay and venn 027

in year3¬† we¬†¬†¬†all¬†¬†¬† us¬†¬† doing¬†¬† 3D¬† shape’s¬†¬† in¬† year3¬†¬†with¬†¬† shape’s. I made a cuboid, it was hard because we didn’t have enough oblongs. I used 2 squares instead and made a cuboid!

by Zion

3D shapes Freddie

In class we are learning about 3D shapes.I made a hexagonal prism made out of polydron.



clay and venn 033


It has 6 faces and 8 corners. What shape is it?

it has 5 faces and 5 corners. What shape is it?















































clay and venn 038

clay and venn 030clay and venn 043

clay and venn 023

In year3 we have been learning About  3D shapes and  a lot   of  my   class  have   done  some  too  and  the  shapes  that  I  have  been   doing  is  a    cube    and  a  square  based pyramid.

clay and venn 028

clay and venn 031