3D shapes [I’m learning about] it’s Amazing

Me and My whole class is learning about 3D shapes in maths. A few weeks ago we made  3D polydron shapes. Today I made a venndiagram.clay and venn 030  [It was a bit hard.]clay and venn 039We had to put models of shapes in the venndiagram like sphare,square bass-pyramid,cone,triangle bass-pyramid and clinider. The tow cartages was 3 or mare faces and curved faces. Can you quest were the cube go’s it go’s in the 3 or more faces.

3D shapes

clay and venn 027

In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. Today we have been doing Venn Diagrams about 3D shapes. We used the Venn Diagram  to see how many faces, vertices & sides. We counted how many faces, vertices & sides have a 3D shape.

Quiz time!

How many faces does a cube have ?

2.How many triangles do I need to make a tretrahedium ?

3.What is a shape with 6 faces & 8 vertices ?

4.Does a sphere have one or four faces?


In maths we have been doing 3D shapes with mr  Absolom.It is starting to be fun we yous polegons to help us.I am gowing to give you a shape that you are gowing to ges it has 1 face no veteses what is my shape.Chri and ges my shap.clay and venn 023clay and venn 028clay and venn 037