3D shapes Freddie

In class we are learning about 3D shapes.I made a hexagonal prism made out of polydron.



clay and venn 033


It has 6 faces and 8 corners. What shape is it?

it has 5 faces and 5 corners. What shape is it?















































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In year3 we have been learning About  3D shapes and  a lot   of  my   class  have   done  some  too  and  the  shapes  that  I  have  been   doing  is  a    cube    and  a  square  based pyramid.

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3D shapes

In maths we have been macing 3d shapes like cubes and cones!

clay and venn 024 with squares they are gound together. Some shapes of the things we made we a square based pyramid. And a cone . all you need to do is gone all the shapes together . so they make a good shape.then you can make a nether shape.  when you have finished count out all of the sides and Vertseys you have got on it .write down what you have got now you need to do is pout it all agen and you have dune.