In maths we have been doing 3D shapes with mr  Absolom.It is starting to be fun we yous polegons to help us.I am gowing to give you a shape that you are gowing to ges it has 1 face no veteses what is my shape.Chri and ges my shap.clay and venn 023clay and venn 028clay and venn 037

3D shapes

in maths we have been doing 3D shapes.mr Absolom gave us polydron pieces to construct  our own 3D shapes . I made a boat thing that had 11 sides.Today we had to draw a venn diagram and we had to sort shapes in to cercyola faces and two or more edeis ,but only one in the middel.clay and venn 040

Edmund Waller Christmas Performance

Our Christmas performance will be taking place at St Catherine’s Church, Telegraph Hill, on Thursday 10th December.  As you will know, this is always a fantastic celebration of all our children’s hard work over the term and is always very popular.

For Reception – Year 3 classes the performance will begin at 10.30am.

For Year 4 – Year 6 classes the performance will begin at 1.50pm.

Please arrive in good time to ensure you get a seat.