Hana’s internet survey

The Internet

I did a survey to find out who uses the internet and why, and what they like about it. I chose people of different ages. All the questions were answered by five different people.

Mum went to this site and plugged in all the answers to create a visual map of all the words spoken in interviews:

Hana’s Wordle – a free visualization tool from the internet.
Hana’s Wordle – a free visualization tool from the internet.


1 what is the internet to you?

2 What is the good of the internet?

3 how do you make yourself feel safe?

4 What is the danger of the internet?


People and age

Farhana /47

Alex /22







Answer from Farhana: 1

The internet is when you find information and go online to meet people by email and Facebook.

2 It is fun, music and chat.

3 By asking an adult for help.

4 You might get messages from strangers asking for information.


Answer from Alex: 1

Communication resources and freedom.

2 By not answering to any texts from people you don’t know.

3 The internet is full of information.

4 The danger is that there might be add blogs and violence in videos.


Answers from Sami: 1

The internet is the thing were you can just relax.

2 The good is when you can explore and play games.

3 To make yourself feel safe and forget about all the bad things.

4 The main bad things on the internet are viruses and cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying can be sending you disturbing messages, manipulating you or just

Insulting you.

One of the most well known viruses is called a Trojan.

It pretends to be helpful but it really isn’t.


Answer from Zeina: 1

To relax to be connected to other people and to learn.

2 To always check before you click on something.

3 The good is that you stay in touch and you can read lots of different opinions.

4 Not everything is true and there are dangerous people (who steel information.)


Ingrid’s answers:

1 To do lots of research and do lots of fun things.

2 The internet is very quick so you can get a lot of things done.

3 To make yourself feel safe you don’t click on anything that you’re not sure about.

4 The danger is that someone might use data against you.







My School Trip

on Friday me and my whole class went to a Victorian transport  muesem first we all got in class from lining . Then we got are pack lunches then Mr Absalom our teacher told us safety rules we choose partners then we set of.We all went to the bus stop and finally are bus arrived we took bus 12 we all went upstairs .then the bus started moving we all talked to are partners then elim’s  mum sat next to me and my partner chaida. Outside the window I saw a funny picture I laughed then I showed my partner and she laughed and everybody on the bus laughed. Then Mr Absalom laughed then finally we got to the muesem when we went inside. There was a long line qiuing  we had to squish past everybody  the muesem was gigantic first Mr Absalom put us in groups. I was in Anna’s mum’s group Anna’s mum gave us cards with numbers on them. And around the muesem there were stamps and you stamp it then it comes on the number.then me and my partner found number 7 but no one found number 8 after lunch me and my whole class group by group we all went to a lady to stamp number 8. Because number 8 was not working then it was time to go HOME . We all got are pack lunches and set of we walked to the bus stop and took bus 12 again.  And on the bus chaida had left over sweets so on the bus we eat it all. Then we arrived at  school we all had a little play in the playground. And get a drink and go to the loo then it was time to go home. In are own houses told my mum all about the school trip.



Taking over the blog!

This week we have been learning all about blogging so that we can take over the class blogs and share all about our learning.

So what is blogging?  Watch this video to understand what we are going to do and why.

But how do we do it?  Mr Foster has been in and helped us learn how to blog but this video will help us if we forget the basics.