Edmund Waller Christmas Performance

Our Christmas performance will be taking place at St Catherine’s Church, Telegraph Hill, on Thursday 10th December.  As you will know, this is always a fantastic celebration of all our children’s hard work over the term and is always very popular.

For Reception – Year 3 classes the performance will begin at 10.30am.

For Year 4 – Year 6 classes the performance will begin at 1.50pm.

Please arrive in good time to ensure you get a seat.

What I love about technology!

There are a lot of great things about technology but this is one of my favourites. In the past if you wanted to see or learn something about a place you would have to visit the building or read about it in the library but nowadays you can just go on a computer and look at it on the internet. Now google have made a website that allows you to go inside a place and look around it without leaving your home! Often the pictures are more detailed then going to the building yourself. This is especially useful for people that live in a different country to where the building is. Here is an example of the street view: British museum street view


british museum gallery outside

This is a view you can see when you go on to google street map view, its of the outside of the British museum.

british museum gallery

This is another view from the inside of the British museum

british museum gallery close up detail





This is also something you can look at but there are also a lot of different places you can visit.

Ai Wei Wei Royal academy

On December the first we went to Ai Wei wei art gallery. We found out new things like he made a bicycle chandelier and  a tea block it smelt GOOD!!. There were painted vases and it looked like dripping slime .I think there was 4,100 bicycle.

We saw a type of tree but it is different it is like logs that are connected together.

lots of people thought that was sad , poor children.

this is meant to tell that the children died in the quake.SO SAD
this is meant to tell that the children died in the quake.SO SAD!!.





Ai Wei Wei exhibition was really cool!

We went to the Ai Wei Wei exhibition on Tuesday and I was really amazed at his pieces of art. there was one called straight which I particularly liked because each steel rod was one of the children that died in a building collapse. They were laid very carefully on top of each other but they were not level. It made me think of Yellowstone in America with its many canyons. when you looked at it sideways it looked especially amazing. Ai Wei Wei did this piece of art because he was angry. The building only collapsed because cheap materials were used and things were done hastily and badly. I also liked that along the walls were the names of the children who died. It was really touching.

I also liked a piece of work where he made a model of what his life was like for the 4 months he spent in prison. He made life size models of him and 2 guards who were with him every second, even when he went to the loo!

Before we went to the exhibition we were briefed by Ms. Blamires on him. At first I wasn’t overly optimistic but when we got there I knew it would be great ( The giant trees made of bolted together wood helping !)

I think the Ai Wei Wei was a really great artist and I hope to go again to gain a fuller understanding of his art.


Straight by Ai Wei Wei
Straight by Ai Wei Wei
Ai Wei Wei bathroom scene
Another piece of Ai Wei Wei art.
Another piece of Ai Wei Wei art

Ai Weiwei is a very good artist

IMG_2986ChrysanthemumYesterday, 4B went to the Royal Academy. We went to loo at the artist Ai Weiwei.

My favourite was the piece called Straight. It was to repressent the children who died and was made of long pieces of metal that looked lie waves.  This really really made me think as he was making people remember.

He also made some rude wall paper to show how angry h ewas at being put in jail.  The most interesting fact I found out was about how he was arrested and he was in prison for a long time.  He never had any privacy, the guards even watched him in the shower!

I will remember how fun this visit was.


Ai Wei Wei

On December  we went to the museum and we were looking at his art  we learn about how to make art and we ate lunch and we were looking when Ai Wei Wei  was in prison and we were looking at different pictures and we had a great time there my favourite worn was the worn you can look at there was bicycle wheel on a shinny square and it  was  sparkling and my best worn was the worn that had everyone names when they died and it was lots of names Ai Wei Wei was not there because he hasn’t died he is 58 and he is great paint he can paint any think and I like him his a great artist.IMG_3002

ai wei wei exhibition

in art we went to the royal academy to see ai wei wei`s  art  my fravroute piece of art was “grapes”.  it was 27 stools stuck together and only 1 touched the ground! Another piece of art was loads of clay models of him in prison doing what he did in there with always 2 police watching him

this is me skander rico and lee standing in front of his art
this is me Skander Rico and Lee standing in front of his art

the time it was really fun

There was a very strange piece of art it was a big block of something I think it was tea because it smelt like tea I wonder how big a tea cup would have to be to fit it in

there was loads of poles from a earthquake what happened in china it was in a school and over 2700 people died each pole was representing a person who died and the government tried to hide all the dead bodies.it made me feel like he was the only one  who cared.

There was loads of rued wallpaper put up that to show that he was mad.










(the gallery was brilliant)