4S Macbeth Witch Spell

Abel , Sylvia and Maita acting out Macbeth Witches' spell
Abel , Sylvia and Maita acting out Macbeth Witches’ spell.

At the beginning of November we were writing spells related to the Witches‘ one in the play Macbeth by Shakespeare.  We also had to perform it and write it down on post it notes.

Things we needed to remember to do whilst acting are:

  • Project your voice
  • Emphasise certain words
  • Be in character,but not silly
  • Remember your lines
  • Believe in yourself (self-belief)
Spell on "Post It" notes.
Spell on “Post It” notes.

Macbeths Witches


In Literacy we have been learning and acting Macbeth and the Witches. We have made up our own spells with rhymes and choruses. We started off thinking of the best crazy ingredients and we put them in our spells. Examples;( guts of an elephant,eyeballs of  a snail, liver of a crocodile, slime of slugs.)

We thought of rhymes and verses to put in our spell.We practised performing our spell and we gave each other parts.