Wind Mill Hill



On our school journey we did lot of activities including problem solving. In problem solving we solved lots of problems, like this one where we could not walk or run to the place we needed to get to otherwise we would float in space. So one person held the base as one person made a chain to hold on to the next base and on and on and on till we got to are next activity base.

centre of the cell

Today is Monday. ¬†Sorry but I don’t know the exact date. ¬†It was so cool! ¬†We went on a¬†educational visit¬†to the Centre of the Cell. I love organs for some reason so I was so excited. don’t you think that they are super cool too? Well I don’t think many of my other class mates are as obsessed. But any way, I saw some real organs. Yes real ones that humans had donated when they died. There was half a brain, some kidneys, a liver, some skin and a nee cap. See, I’m obsessed. This look like fun?¬†It was. No doubt about it. If you’re planning to go visit sorry to say it’s only for schools.


4S Masks

In 4S we have been making Aztec Masks. First, we drew them in our Art books. Next, we started to make the outline of the masks with clay. We flattened the clay with rolling pins and sticks. We made all the holes that there were on the mask and used special tools to make the patterns. After that, we were given another giant piece of clay. We had to stick it on the old piece because on some masks there were things that stuck out. We were very careful not to mix it with the old piece because if we did, when we put our masks in the kiln they would explode and the force would make all the rest break as well. When we had finished shaping them we gave them to our teacher who put them on trays. The kiln heated them 1000 degrees!

The next week we got our heated masks. A few had broken in the kiln, but apart from that they were fine. They had turned white in the kiln and some looked identical. We started to glaze them but we got a bit confused. The glaze colours were not the colours they said they were! For example, the white was sky blue, the green a muddy brown and the blue was grey. P1070304 - CopyWe put them in the kiln again, but even though we have not painted them yet we will do soon!

Hindu Temple Visit

IMG_4064Last Thursday we went to a Hindu temple in Lewisham. In RE¬† we have been doing Hinduism. Before we entered we took our shoes off because Hindus believe that if you come inside somewhere with your shoes on it brings in dirt from the street. Hindus do not eat meat and a cow in particular because they believe Vishnu’s wife is inside a cow. We saw a statue of Ganesh he was holding a mango a coconut was in front of him. There was a statue of Shiva’s army.¬† When you come into a temple you always worship Ganesh first.IMG_4067

Windmill Hill!

Last week, year 4 went on a school journey to Windmill Hill for three days.We did lots of amazing activities that sometimes took a lot of bravery.  When we set off a lot of kids including me,were quite sad about leaving and a few cried. The journey took a while because we were going all the way to Sussex.We sung a lot of songs and chatted a lot to each other. A girl in my class even told a horror story!When we finally got there we all started singing because it looked awesome.When we got off,our teachers divided us into different groups with some of our friends.These were our dormitory mates.We had little dormitories with numbers on the door.We unpacked and got ready for the activities.Our instructors introduced themselves.Their names were Taylor and Collette. We learnt about teamwork and for lots of us it was a new experience.The activities were wall climbing,ab-sailing,problem solving,zip wire,sports,team games,activity course and archery.We had lovely instructors who were very kind to us,even when we sometimes talked.There was a cafeteria that we used for breakfast,lunch and supper.It was very grand.There was a hot food bar and a buffet that you could choose from.There were also drink machines but for things like coffee and tea you needed assistance from an adult.We also went to the gifts shop were we bought a lot of things.Too soon our time was over.On the final night there was a disco! The next morning we left.When we got home we were very happy to see our family but dissapointed that we had to leave.

By Luke,age 8 in 4S.