things i like at school

I-Iris had a great time at the museum sketching fish, shells and sharks. I am sure the rest of the class liked the trip as much as me.
I am hoping to go to one more wonderful trip with the class.
I love art classes because we can express our colours on to the paper. not that long ago wee the class where sketching dead fish, that where lying on our tables. It did smell at first but then you got use-too it. Anyway first wee did a sketch of one fish, then did a water colour painting of that same fish. I liked the time when we-the class where sketching shells. First we drew the outline then used chalk pastels to colour in and mix the colours to make the colour we needed. I LOVE SCHOOL!


Last term in art we were looking at shells, it was called close observation. I really enjoyed this because we had to look and concentrate, and I got put up in assembly with my art which I’m really proud of myself. When I knew we were going to do shells I had a big doubt in myself because I thought I was rubbish at art but now I know I’m not,because of Miss Evans’s help.

Victorian fish art

In 5E we have been learning about Victorian fish art including tone,texture,shape and shade we have created many creations of the fish we also had an event when we were studying real fish we were able to look at real shading and we also were able to look at blending techniques to improve are skills we also were working on shoals of fish we first made are background of the shoal we used ocean colours blue,green,navy blue and light blue the colours blended perfectly the next step we used pictures of small fish and drew them on another sheet the fish were really inspired me with the tone in the colours we cut out the fish and stuck it on are other piece of art it turned out incredibly good after that we moved on to creating new colours that we though look best with are fish we used powder paints for this piece of art work with are finished colours we chose are favourite colour and drew are version of the a detailed fish above all this subjected really helped with my ability in art,texture and more thank you for reading and i hope this will help achieve


I  really enjoyed multiplying because I was really confident with what I was doing . I  also enjoyed multiplying by two digt numbers because I  was proud of myself because I knew what I  was doing and I  wasn’t confuesed. That was because I was really engaged on what my teacher was saying because I  really wanted to learn.

The Wall

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I would feel very upset if my family was on the other side to me. Also I would be confused if I woke up and there was a wall in the middle of the road. I looked out of my window and sore a man and a woman trying to communicate I felt heart-broken. I can’t go to my school any more because it’s on the other side. I could hear all of the noise they where making. I was waiting to see all of my friends tomorrow but there on the other side. So I was Angry.


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I’m really scared because my family are from the other side of the wall.  I’m really upset that I’m not aloud to get past that annoying wall. I hate the fact that on the side I’m on gets payed less but I’m happy that things are cheaper than on this side. I won’t even try to communicate with them because I know I’ll be shot dead instantly so wouldn’t dare to try because I’d rather stay alive than dies. Even though I don’t have the chance to visit my friends and some family I still want to stay alive. I really miss my family and I would love to see them, it would be an pleasure.

The Berlin Wall

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I will personally be cross with the government because I would not like the idea of two countries instead of one.

I will feel sad because I will not be able to see my friends just because they’re on the other country.

I will feel lonely because my family might be on the other side.

I will be really angry. I will also be very depressed and it will be a very annoying experience.


In class we have weekly mandarin lessons. I learnt how to say what drink I wanted, in order to learn how to say and remember it we played a game where we had real juice, real water and real coke (even though we weren’t allowed to drink it). So I was the shopkeeper and people came up to me told me what they wanted and then I poured for them, but they were only allowed to say it mandarin. It was really fun when it was someone elses’ turn I got to have some of the juice.


Horton Kirby.

Last half term year 5 went to Horton Kirby.

We went there to do a river study on the River Darrent.First we went into the classrooms there and they reminded us of the things we had learnt a few weeks ago. We had playtime there too and they had a place in the playground that had a great view and had little mushrooms which was poisonous. After that we got our wellies on and set of to the River. Once we were there we started to go in the River there were groups that did different things at different times, we measured the length of rocks, how fast it flowed ,we did this by dropping the tennis ball in the water  and timeing it, then we went to test which part of the Rver was deepest.


The Horniman Museum

Last half term year 5 went to the Horniman Museum. When we went inside, we went to see the aquarium on our topic on Victorian fish art. We were free to go around the aquarium, We thought the Jelly fish moved really slow and made us feel calm. We also saw some interesting fishes there to , there was this fish that spat out white bubbles, though we didn’t think it was bubbles we thought it was eggs.We looked around and then we started to draw some very detailed pictures of the fish that were there.It was really hard because they were moving. Then we went to the stuffed animals part and we started drawing the marine stuffed animals that were there.There was a giant walrus there too!🐟