Crofton Roman Villa

We went on an educational visit to a Crofton Roman Villa in Orpington because we are learning about the Romans in are class and we wanted to find out more about the Romans. we went on 2 trains and then we finally got there my pair was Nell and we both got quite exited! We went in the building and we got spilt into groups my group got talked to first by one if the teachers and we got to see the ruins of the Roman villa. She said that if you were rich in the Roman times you would probably have tessary on there floor. I found this one unexpected she said that they used stuff like grass and flowers to make the die in there dresses and clothes. Then I realised that a HUGE spider was under me and Nell and then we finally left to do another activity. This time we had to use a gold or silver crayon (I used silver) than we had to rub over a metal thing and it made a Roman figure (and I thought that mine was pretty cool!) After that we had to write down the words that was on are boards. After that (I liked this activity) we went to a table then a lady explained that we were going to put a mosaic picture. Because I did my first one so quickly I got to do a second one which was the hardest! Next we had a box of things from the Roman times and we had to sketch them. Then we sat down on the carpet and 4 people dressed up as  a Roman farm girl, a Roman rich girl, a Roman farm boy, a Roman rich man. she told us facts about how they lived and worked and then we said goodbye and went back to school!


Crofton Roman villa

Last week we went to Crofton Roman villa that’s in Orpington When we got there they gave my group a talk about how they found all the ruins of the villa.The government wanted to build a car park over the runins but all the arcertecs didn’t want them to do that  . we did lots of fun activities for example we made our own mosaics and drew well known  Roman soldiers. Then we got to draw some things that the Romans had. Then we got to go and dress up as poor people and rich people but we didn’t all get to dress up. First, when we got there we  had a talk about the ruins that one of the people who worked there.


This is a picture of us listing to the talk
This is a picture of us listing to the talk

We talked about the what sort of things the Romans would have had in there kitchen and what they used to eat . Did you know that the Romans used to eat  dormice stuffed with nuts rolled in honey .

by Nell Steinmann

wild boy true or false?

true or false

wild boy is’t hairy?                                                                                        false

Sir Oswald has legs?                                                                                    false

wild boy found a note?                                                                              true

wild boy killed the showman?                                                               false

wild boy had  met a girl could clrissa?                                                true

wild boy was is in a freak show?                                                             true


On Wednesday may 18th 2016 we gone to visit Crofton Roman Villa.

When we arrived we had lunch inside because it was raining .We had to do little actives,we made tiles out of tessera they are little bricks what are  hand made,by Romans  they were made to put in floors instead of walking on mud. 3rd we learned about all the pots that Romans used that’s what the archaeologist said.A hypocaust is a central heating system,so the slaves chopped down trees and they went round the back and there was a room and they throwed wood in (they was at the back of the fire)so they didnt make mess in the house, if they did not listen  there head was chopped off !







My recount of my school trip to Crofton Roman Villa in Orpington

To get to Crofton Roman Villa, we had to take two trains. One train from Nunhead to Bromley South and one train from Bromley South to Orpington. When we arrived at the train station in Orpington, we walked across the car park to the Crofton Roman villa.

We entered the door of the centre and we sat down on the carpet to have our delicious lunch we had in our pack lunches. Once we had finished our lunch, we started our fun activities such as making our mosaics using pieces called tesseras , drawing old Roman findings and drawing soldiers using chalk. We even saw remains of a rich Roman house and a woman at the centre, explained to us about the remains.

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